Holidays with children are holidays for parents

Parents do not have the right to vacation during the holidays

Parents of young children are dependent on vacation at certain times. Employers have to take this into account. However, there is no guarantee.

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If employees have school-age children, the employer must take this into account when planning their vacation.

Holidays mean great freedom for school children. For many working parents, on the other hand, the time off school means that they have to organize themselves and get childcare and work under one roof. Are you entitled to vacation during vacation periods?

Employer must take vacation requests into account

This is regulated by the Federal Holiday Act. "It says that an employer must take the employee's vacation wishes into account, unless urgent operational issues speak against it," explains Johannes Schipp, specialist lawyer for labor law in Gütersloh. However, an employer usually has the task of reconciling the various wishes of its employees so that the company can continue to run.

The company has to weigh up several inquiries

Paragraph 7 of the Federal Vacation Act therefore states that when individual employees are granted vacation, other employees may also oppose vacation requests that deserve priority from a social point of view, explains the specialist lawyer, who is chairman of the Labor Law Working Group in the German Lawyers' Association.

Parents have priority when planning vacation

"This then applies, for example, to employees with school-age children who want to take vacation during the holiday season." Or for employees whose spouses can only travel at certain times. When planning vacation, an employer then has to decide on a case-by-case basis who gets vacation when - and weigh up the wishes of his employees against each other, taking into account the legal requirements.

Vacation during the holidays can be forbidden

If everyone wants to take vacation at the same time, he has to find a solution. “An employer may then have to say: This year you have vacation time, and next year someone else”, says Schipp.

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