How do you set up an airsoft team

is an argument ..

I agree that we definitely need the support of the big teams, but I guess that wouldn't be the problem.

by the way ... I'll just tell you again ... we were at the shooting range in Ludwigsfelde today ... there we introduced ourselves 3 weeks ago and sought the first contact with our team ... today the time had come ... there were 2 shooters and the board of directors .. at first a bit of a smile, but then interested .. Conclusion of the whole thing ... we all had 2 wonderful enlightening hours together where everyone shot together with our airsoft guns .. I didn't even know how Shooting 50 m on the map is and yes, I even shot a 7 at the edge .. Please Notice: This is an automatically translated article!

what I'm getting at is: we have the unique opportunity to make our sport our hobby accessible to others .. to develop understanding and respect .. the statement came from one of the shooters; ,, It's not that easy to shoot with it and still hit ,,

I don't know how many teams have the opportunity to work together with shooting clubs but it's worth a try ... they will tell about it and maybe they or their friends got interested ...


As for us ... I think it's about time that we, yes, I know we finally had something to stand on ... and that is possible otherwise we would not talk about it here or write better ...

jan and I would also help intensively from our side .. but we need your help !!!!