Is Apple Inc deliberately delaying the technology

Will the Apple TV get a new remote control?

Apple is apparently developing a new remote control for its set-top box under the code name B519. At least this is evident from media reports, the sources of which are said to be “familiar with the matter”. Many details are not known. The changes should be "significant".

That Apple is working on an update for its Apple TV is so far only a rumor. However, the company has released an updated model every few years and it would be about time.

New remote control with code name B519

This now fits a message from Filipe Espósito. An anonymous tipster told him that Apple is working on a new remote control for Apple TV under the code name B519. The current model has the internal designation B439.

The "Remote" as we know it has existed in its current form for many years. With the release of the Apple TV 4K in 2017, Apple made a few visual changes, but left the remote control untouched in the broadest sense. That should then change in the future. Because Espósito believes that the changes to the remote control will be "significant". He does not reveal any further details.

New Apple TV Question of Time?

Basically, rumors about a renewal of the Apple TV have been wafting through the tech media in recent years. Most recently, it was said that 2021 would be a good time to release a new Apple TV.

You don't have to make an effort to know that a successor would definitely be faster. Such a faster processor would also accommodate the idea of ​​video games on the set-top box. Last but not least, it was even said in 2020 that the next generation of the ATV could compete with Xbox and Playstation. Such claims are made over and over again and ultimately the competing devices continue to develop as well.

Against this background, the upcoming WWDC 2021 will be interesting. Because Apple could add innovations in tvOS that indicate possible new hardware.

Changes in tvOS 14.5 beta

Last week there were indications that Apple might at least plan to rename the remote control permanently. It should no longer be called "Siri Remote", but only "Apple TV Remote". This is the name of the accessory in countries where Siri is not even available.