How can I improve my English skills

What is the best way to improve your English skills?

I had English at school, but that's pretty much rusty now, and I would like to do something to improve my command of the language.
If you are currently at university, you could take a course from the studium generalle, if you are in training, you could look for a supplement. Are you already working, then I would recommend evening school or private positions. Anyway, you'll find something.
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The best way is to use it. Speak English, watch English films, travel to England.
hello, i would recommend reading books in english. you can start with children's books. and if you don't understand a word it doesn't matter, just read on (usually opens up in context) and try to internalize the structures and the idioms. if an unknown word is repeated, you can look it up.
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Watch films and series in the original. It is best to start with bbc productions, which are very easy to understand and speak clean English with little dialect. You will quickly notice that you can understand more and more easily. You win if you can laugh at the jokes ;-)
In addition to the suggestions already mentioned, I can highly recommend the service of "one word a day" - after a short registration you will receive an English word every day by mail, which is explicitly illuminated from various perspectives and also explained in the context of various examples.

If you want to go even more in-depth (Business English), several online magazines (e.g. the Financial Times) offer the appropriate service.

BRalpha also broadcasts various English training courses on a regular basis - especially on weekends - which you can follow very well depending on your level of ability.
Language skills are generally improved by speaking the language. Original films or series with detachable subtitles can help. You should be clear beforehand where you want to be understood. While learning an Australian or Welsh dialect can be fun, it can be an obstacle to communication.
Talk - talk - talk! That's how I improved my English. First I wanted to go to a language course abroad, but then didn't have that much time. Friends gave me the tip to check with Englischhausen. They offer courses near Frankfurt, in the Black Forest etc. with one-to-one lessons and native speakers from various English-speaking countries, only takes 6 days, but is super-intensive. Has really helped me. After that I talked like a book because German was forbidden. If you are interested:
Dear Melika, to learn a language - any language - is a lifelong experience.
If you managed to read a book after a 6-day crash course, it was probably "Snugglepot and Cuddlepie" by May Gibbs.

try again in ten years time