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decoder - decrypt Russia

Conveying a differentiated image of Russia is not always easy for European journalists: The Russian skills available in scientific institutes are not readily available and direct access to Russian civil society and public discourse is usually lacking.

This is where the internet platform “ - Decrypt Russia” comes in. It combines articles from Russian media in German translation with contributions from European scientists who provide background information and explanations on the articles. In this way, the platform supplements the Russian debates in German-speaking countries with journalistic voices from Russia itself - with a special focus on independent Internet media that are not financed and controlled by the Russian state.

Decoder has also transferred this successful model to the Russian-speaking readership, because the image that Russian media users receive of the events and current discussions in Europe is mostly distorted. Europe is portrayed as defenseless and ridiculous, at the same time as a threat to world peace.

Critical analyzes or neutral background information on European issues are often missing. Therefore, the image of Europe in Russia is often one-sided and fragmentary.

This is where can help: A wide range of high-quality European journalistic articles are made available in Russian. As in the German version, scientific explanations are linked to the individual articles on the Russian platform.

In 2016 received the Grimme Online Award.

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