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Indiana Tribune, Volume 10, Number 79, Indianapolis, Marion County, December 7, 1886 - Page 2

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Zndiana grandstand. - Appears nd iCUßi Füglil, CTtitlliQc ZriSSne tollet durch d Zx; tt i3 Ctutlfci wick, Ml Corniapl..f -IM "'Ttl P, r Doch. QtiU lafcmts 1. fis P, PAft IBgtfchtdt 1 kKRb, Ki St. OfHci . Warvlndi! T. 3nbianacli3, Ind. 7 December 1836. A rich family. When after the battle of Waterloo, the great Napoleon "saw his happiness in ruins, it was also with the brilliant career of his trusted Ane Palms from Antwerp, who held the honorary position of secretary for him, came to an end. Although Palms was still trying in his. Home to achieve wealth and prestige, but he was unsuccessful and emigrated to the United States with his wife and his family of four sons and two daughters. States from where he first settled in Detroit. Later he didn't like it anymore and he moved to New Orleans; from his family stayed. just a wage and a daughter back in Detroit. The son had found a good job in a wholesale grocery store and did not want to give it up, although his father was doing quite well in New Orleans too. The young Francis Palms knew so well how to win the trust of his employers in Detroit so much that they made him their business associate. When he reached the age of 35, he was able to retire from the business with a mix of 835,000 in cash. With that money he bought 40,000 mile of woodland for $ 1 to 81.25 per field. The speculation turned out to be brilliant. . Tao brought him 825 wood from each field alone, and the settlers also gave him $ 25 for the field for the land cleared in this way. In a single county, 750 families had bought land from him. From then on he devoted himself to the land business with even greater energy and once even got so far that he called 400,000 acki his own, his workforce was so great that he could manage this huge business only with the help of one? single El.rks worried. Francis Palms was not so happy in his family life. When he was twenty-five years old, he had married, but his wife died after she had given life to a boy. When he got married two times, the stepmother wanted nothing from the "foreign Jli.ibe" Vienna. Palms was weak enough and gave in to the woman. The ttind was sent to grandfather in New Orleans and found himself almost entirely in at home Oblivion. Meanwhile, the sunny south "grew and prospered splendidly. When the boy had completed his studies in a southern college, he made up his mind to seek out his father in Tetrot, of whom he only knew that he had a wife for his wife, because of which his son had had to leave home . Father and son met in the M'chigan Erchang- "which was then his hotel in Detroit. The father was picking up a business letter in the Holet, which he used to visit every day, when the young man" went on a hitchhiking with him connected. The mutual recognition was very cold, de oaders on the father's side. He told his Srbnc that it was impossible for him to take him home, that his wife would not tolerate it under any circumstances. The youth then returned to New Orleans and, when the Secession War broke out, joined the Nebelle army as a true southerner. After Lee's submission, he returned to his flat position, sold it, started a trade in cotton, but suffered great losses because his cotton, valued at 860,000, was seized by the federal troops. 'and later got a job in federal court in New Orleans through family influx. He married, but his wife died shortly after the wedding; now he has a Creolin wife who has given him six children. The father could not forget, however, that years ago his son from New Or'e ms had visited him. His marriage was not at all happy, in spite of the fact that his second wife had given him a daughter in the same, and he finally got so far that the couple separated completely. The woman died about four years ago. When the now widower came home from the funeral, he immediately wrote to his son in New Orleans to come to Detroit immediately and, with an annual salary of 82,500 for the time being, to serve as private secretary. to serve his father; it was necessary for the son to get to know the business properly, so that later he was intended to be an inheritance after all. So Francis the Younger finally came back to his father's house and could at least one; lived with his father for many years. - It is well known that the old PalmS died not long ago. ' His legacy, the value of which is calculated to be well over 88,000,000, went in testamentary terms in equal parts to his son and to him. ttrr. r, rf iffi .. r assess aidsqroeu uioiguoc uver. The latter became known in wider circles because it gave emenorr to the federal alderman JoneS from Florida, who persecuted them with fine applications for the state. . Qin Chapter on cigars. An experienced cigar handler who has worked on the '. . . v cr. m. Approximately Broaoway in iiceiv vjou an iccyi owns a profitable business, recently said in a chatterbox to a reporter:. There are a lot of people, you know

the fact that) ii are excellent experts on Cigaarcn, and. but this is very seldom the case. It is very difficult to find competent judges of cigars. When compressing a cigar, imagination often plays as great a part as when writing a novella. I have convinced myself of this again and again. Sometimes I have fun and put a few cigars, two of which you buy for a quarter of a dollar, in the box in which the cheap cigars at five cents each are. It is often noteworthy what crooked faces some of these cheap "customers cut when they take one of the expensive cigars and stick on it. Sometimes you iccipit the same yanz away. Anderathsils also buy cheap 5 cigars - cigars." into the box, which was the most expensive kind, and afterwards had the pleasure that the lover of a fine, albeit very expensive, cigar-talk smoked cheap stuff with just such high liquor, as if he really had an expensive cigar in his mouth The popularity of a cigar depends on how the smoker likes its smell. In order to achieve different scents, the Cigar Fobrikan Hn invented secret combinations of tobacco types that are as numerous as the combinations of the notes on the scale Made of Pennsylvanian tobacco with a wrapper from Havana or Sumatra, a good 10 cigar cigar

there is, if you take a binding sheet from Connecticut, Hennsylvania or Wisconsin and a cover sheet from Havana or umatra with a Havana Müller. "To tUU teacher. In Germany all higher subjects are almost overcrowded." There is a surplus of lawyers for decades, although the legal counsel has been introduced, the mediciners fight a gigantic recurrence certificate, and the candidates for office who have passed at least the high school diploma. step on three toes, so to speak, despite the fact that the state pays miserable salaries. For a long time at least the philologists could count on employment after completing their studies, if not exactly under brilliant conditions, but even this subject is now completely neglected. "German newspapers write about this: The selection of the dates of the higher education office In the short period of a decade, employment had changed from the most favorable to the full opposite.In 1870, the number of candidate teachers who, by passing the examination, had fulfilled the most important condition of their employability was 3Us, eme Number, which is to be regarded as completely sufficient over the annual average workload of new employers, which cannot yet be estimated at 300, even taking into account the departure between examination and employment. The years 1875 and 1830 showed with 399 and 334 passages, respectively Exams a still moderate increase. But in the following five years, from 187,980 to 183,485, ie the number of annual past examinations, rose to the enormous height of 465, 463, 594, 587, 623. The plan for such an excess is clearly evident. From the seventies on, there was widespread competition among medium-sized and even smaller stadiums to establish secondary schools at their own expense or to expand the existing ones to include a more limited course duration and general teaching objectives. So in no more than nine years, from the school year 1809170 to the school year 1877178, the higher schools with a nine-year teaching course, grammar schools and secondary schools together, grew from 273 to 329. The setback was inevitable and soon the number of higher schools had to be restricted in not a few places and, as a result, the number of apprenticeships reduced. This setback was particularly noticeable in the mathematical, natural science and modern language subjects. The adjustment, which cannot fail, will not only take a long time, but will lead to painful losses for the well-being of the individual as well as the state due to the unsuccessful deployment of intellectual work. So there are too many fully and semi-educated people in Germany, at least as far as the supply of the same is possible, and there is certainly no shortage of artisans and salespeople. It is no surprise that the number of those who are dissatisfied with the current social institutions is increasing from year to year. Danger to the Congo state. Written from Brussels. It is confirmed that as a result of the hostility of the Arabs, the station of the S t a n l e y F e l e had to be evacuated. The relevant release from the Free Congo Government does not state whether a fight was taking place on the cases. Probably the very limited number of staff at the station evacuated them in the face of an imminent enemy attack. Whether Lieutenant Dubois drowned on the falls before the fight can also be seen in more detail. Dubois was in the beginning of March d. I. Went to the Congo with Lieutenant To stuilhat and Dhanis. Spending the stations at Stanley Falls poses a serious threat to the Congo state. the beginning of one of the most dangerous crises to which it has been exposed since its existence. The Stonley Falls are known to lie on the upper Congo, the point where the current makes a bend to return to the equatorial region, almost in the middle between Lake Tanganyika and the Atlantic Ocean, i.e. b. in the heart of the Congo

mun statecs. This area is haunted by Arab pirates, who come down the river in barges, devastating Wes with fire and swords, and robbing slaves and ivory. Coming from eastern Africa, these Arabs usually shit themselves on the Lualaba River and get to the Congo. They use the black natives of the Zanzibar coast as warriors; the slaves they capture serve as porters on their return to the east. But also, on land, Arabs often approach this fertile region in order to defeat these atrocities. Stanley, who had one day witnessed the rapprochement of these hordes on the waterways, counted more than a thousand boats with ük? 5000 of these bandits were manned. On a single expedition this force captured over 3,000 blacks after killing three times as many of them and destroying a large number of villages. It would be a work of humanity to put an end to this barbaric goings-on. But how is the Congo state supposed to do this with its limited resources? In any case, the victorious advance of the era is the worst of the events that could have hit the big corporation. Sckivrre exams. This Tae sta-.d Capt. Tt) 0maS Williams before a.m police court in New Vrk to appear as a train against several orioles, which at the end of October d. I. his ship, the Orion "from Ban gor, Me. In the lower Bay of New Ork, had raided and plundered. The oars were later captured and identified by Capt. Williams. The captain has already had a lot in the In 1883 he commanded the brig Dauntless of Bangor, Maine. He begged.' the order to bring a cargo ice cream to San Do mingo. In the harbor there he found a dismantled English ship, the parts of which were to be sold at auction. The captain bought several things on the English ship out of speculation and wanted to have them brought to his brig by some English sailors, as his own crew had always been so drunk for a few days that he had to put them in irons. Unfortunately the English sailors were no better, and as Capt. Williams saw that there was nothing he could do with them, he jumped with a curse from the board of the English wreck onto a small boat and wanted to row over to his ship by himself. Scarcely had he moved a little away from the ship than a tremendous gust of wind streaked across the sea from the coast. A violent storm with downpour-like rain immediately followed, so that the captain could not see ten paces ahead of him. He kept his boat upwind as best he could. On the other hand he saw the lighthouse and noticed to his horror that his little boat was heading leeward from the Dauntleß into the open sea. He wanted to regain the lost terrain by rowing harder, but his old oar broke and he stopped Defenseless in the face of the terrible elements. The sea was rolling so rapidly that his nutshell was in danger of being swallowed by the depths at any moment. With rapid swiftness it whirled on the crests of the waves towards the west. The captain sank into a cloudy?! Apart from his little ones only 1.10 and a pocket watch on his body; on the bottom of the boat lay an old, empty potato sack and two heavy oars 16 feet long, which could not possibly be used for little ahrzct'g. Night fell; the river raged on and on. When the bow broke, the captain could see the land in the distance. With the wind, which was still very violent, he used the two ladders as a kind of steering wheel But he, one of them, fell into the water, and kx gave up trying to steer the boat again. The storm only subsided on the third day. The captain was almost completely exhausted from thirst and hunger. In the afternoon of the fourth day he saw two schooners drive past. On one he was not noticed; The second passed indifferently, in spite of the fact that the captain, like mad, waved his potato sack in pleasure and let out shrill whistles. Tired and discouraged, the unfortunate threw himself to the ground and believed that his enle was close. (A consciousness began to leave him. As it was getting dark his boat struck a hard object. In a moment the captain was crying on his legs, jumped into the water and pulled his boat up to the sandy bank. He had guessed. He recognized his surroundings that he was at Point Palms, about 80 miles from San Domingo. His first desire was to quench his burning thirst. He dug his fingernails in the earth until they bled, but came across no water. Then he went to sleep and did not wake up the next morning. To his delight he saw the light shimmering down on the bank. Ec hurried over and found five negroes who had lit a fire. They had a treason of water with them and made him drink so much he wanted. Then, by promising that they would each receive a reward of 84, he persuaded them to take him in his little boat to the town of Barahona, 12 miles across the bay It was unfortunate that shortly before the entrance to the port of Barahona another storm broke out, which drove the little boat six miles farther along the coast, until it finally managed to get back on the ground. Capt. Williams to Barahona. where he was welcomed and cared for in the governor's house. He was put to bed and fell asleep. Around the middle? at night he was roused from his sleep by a terrible crash. It was on September 5, 1383, the day of the terrible hurricane, which c


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t & tti.ty.wijfra vtel Unhetl from bed west Indian ynjclrt wrought bat. The captain jumped out of bed and hurried to the door, where he held on to the door knob. He remained immobile at the door in this position for ten long hours, without daring to take a step forwards or backwards. When the violence of the storm had subsided, he left his uncomfortable post and went outside. The sight that met his eyes was furch'.b., R. Almost the entire S.tad 'was in ruins.The privations and the constant excitement work too much for the strong man; For three days he was so sick that he could hardly move. The pharmacies were destroyed by the storm; the only doctor in town had a fever as a result of excessive exertion. It was only on the fourth day that the captain was able to set out on the voyage to the city of San Domingo. When he got there, he heard the horror that his dauntless "with the whole crew had sunk to the bottom of the sea during the storm." all the other ships in the rabbit, including the two schooners, which had failed to help him on the open sea a few days ago, had suffered the same fate. Strangely, it was precisely his unfortunate adventures that had saved his life. The captain is a robust, friendly Akann, full of zest for life and health, who today would not be seen what he had to go through in his life. German XvcZl news. Kingdom of Saxony. In Dresden the accountant Max became leaders for embezzlement to 21 months and the merchant Jul. Herold von Hütten sentenced to 15 months in prison for forgery of documents. In Bautzen the local judge? Johann Schulze was from Troops, in wider circles under the name of the troops? Man "known who has been able to heal broken bones, etc. for years, sentenced to; months of imprisonment and a fine of 00 m." In Geppersdorf, Gottfried Unger recently celebrated the 65th anniversary of his marriage with his wife The Cememwaannfabri kanten Müller in Crimmitschau was occasionally shot in the throat a year ago in a dispute, which could not be removed. Recently, Müller now felt discomfort while swallowing, up to and including the bullet through his throat and mouth during a violent coughing attack The delicatessen dealer Suss in Freiberg was sentenced to 2 months in prison for offenses against the Food Act. The greengrocer Carius in Zwickau was sentenced to 4 weeks in prison for insulting the city council. Their lives ended by suicide : the butcher Karl Wauer von Dittelsdorf (cut himself di e Kehle), the wife of the Vahnwart Hesse in Golzern, the forest boy Max Gerhardt von Hinterhermsdorf, the Polizeidienec Nestler von Nothenfurth and the weaver Heinrich Grosse and the landlady Selma Hofmann von Werdau (the latter three drowned themselves). Accidents lost their lives: the machine builder Merkel von Annaberg (accidentally took too large a dose of opium), the carpenter Eduard Lange von Folbern and the worker Gustav Nichter von Hartenstein (crushed by a collapsing earth wall), the bricklayer Iran; Fischer von Großenhain and the Älittergutspächter Krell von Leisnig (as a result of a storm) and the Artei ec Klause von Meißen (getbdtct by blasting off a piece of a circular saw). Thuringian states. t go Nath Dr. v. Blödau in Son dershausen .. The postal assistant Rudolf Weibezahl in Plaue was sentenced to 1 year in prison for repeated embezzlements.-The merchant Robert Müll in Altenburg was sentenced to a fine of 100 marks for selling synthetic butter under the name of natural butter. Teacher Fröhlich in Meusilwitz celebrated the 25th year of service. Brewery owner Grimm Kaufmann G. Beyer and shoemaker Fr. Striegnitz in Schmölle were elected city councilors. In Coburg two suffocated at the age of 4 resp. 2 years standing children of the basket maker Fugmann. In Döbritz the farmsteads of the landowners H. Wohlzog and K. Voigt burned down. The journeyman bricklayer Karl Munster von Tambuchshof, who died in September of this year. I. his lover, Emilie Gerlach von Wölsis,. shot, was sentenced to death; Furthermore, the following were sentenced: the factory worker Voss von Eisenach for bodily harm with fatal success to two years of imprisonment; the woodcutter GMatthäi and the grip knacker PH. Steiner von Steinach for perjury to 4 resp. 2 years in prison and the lawyer F. Grund von Waltershausen for embezzlement and forgery of documents for 2 years in prison. Hessen-Darmstadt. Head teacher Wagner in Münster celebrated the 25th anniversary as a teacher at the school. Chr. Krausarill III. Niederwesel was elected mayor A girl named Elisa beth Fischer in Ober-Namstadt was arrested because she fired two shots at her service hen. The Tem vel'sche Gastbau ... ur Eilenbabn "in 9Jorms was re-established at the 3Zersteiprn tinn," "- '" "rr DI Vl .. D .., Mr. Voll sur', 000 At. Kingdom of Bavaria. The opening of the new Erlangen Grüfenberg railway line has taken place. In Türrenmungenau, the servants of the landlord Löbe opened up a person who had been a burden to the community and voluntarily presented themselves to the court, the community of Schwabing, which was previously part of the residential city of Munich


should zeyr zük raot nyMil wetent. The one in Schwarzenbach a. d. S. Geyer, deceased private owner, bequeathed 3,000 marks to 4 well-mannered boys for the annual purchase of conscription clothes and 25,000 marks to the poor for the annual distribution of 12 testers. During a scuffle between soldiers of the 2nd Jäger Battalion and farm boys in a pig-bucket dance hall, the bricklayer A! Ayer was struck by a blow with the Aatagan. The pastor Alois Scheppach in Jllereichen and the pastor Jldefons Lehner in Neuhansen celebrated their 25th priest term: the 50th anniversary of service celebrated: the Nentbeamte Schauberg zu Tabn, the school teacher lÄ. Benkert rn Hollstadt, the teachers' seminar - Inspector. J. Dresely in Lauingen, the postman Adam Mayor in Ltchtenfels. The former economists married ivcendler rn Tennenlohe celebrated their diamond wedding, their gold the privateers married U. Wagner in Markt. Erlach. Their lives ended by suicide: the Schneldermelster Josef Hitzlsberger in Augsburg (sto chen), the accountant Ferd. Engelhardt in Bamberg (shot), the shoemaker Augustin Stapf von Königsbrunn (run over), the shopkeeper Josefa Kölbl in Munich (poisoned), the landlord Singer von Schnaittach (run over); He h.ingt have: the master baker Seitz in Hersbiuck, the railroad attendant Joh. Wal ter von Hütt, the economist K. Leutba cher in Oberfladungen, the cut goods dealer Anton Ganz in Zaisertshofen. The mason foreman Nöhammer drowned in the Mühlbach near Altötting; In Golstadt, the unmarried Peter Kartenmeier, employed by the Kramserbräu, fell into the so-called Aufreit "and died after a few hours; in Kaufbeuren, the tailor Joh. Preisinger fell into the cellar of the brewery zum Löwen and broke his neck; in Munich, the im Case Wittelöbach employed Therese Zech from the falling excerpt, her head smashed. King I Wuerttemberg. F Consistorial director von Schickhardt in Stuttgart and choir director Heurung öaselbst. Flaschnermeister Mayer in Ehingen celebrated the golden wedding. In Göppingen the Flaschner Eitel and in Dr. Oskar Elden stabbed himself in Ravensburg, while on one side it is said that the latter laid hands on himself in an attack of mental disorder, the other asserts that he was the victim of an "American" duel . Accidents killed: the wife of the shaft manufacturer Alfred Raiser in Stuttgart, the shoemaker N. Baisch von Vöblingen, the carpenter Schaal von Fichtenberg and the day laborer Beckenlechner from Mähringen (as a result of a fall), the day laborer Wenghardt from Attenweiler (buried , and the 74-year-old Josef Zubler von Heratskirch and the farmer Danner von Schussenried (run over). Grand Herz ogthum Baden. Farmer Wilhelm Metzger von Nunenreiher was arrested for committing a moral offense. Pastor Jhringer von Hindel Wangen turned 50 for insulting the postmaster Büchele in Ueberlingen Newly elected mayors: in Arlen the owner Dominik Graf, in Leustetten the farmer Richard Baader, in Nussbach the tax clerk Josef Kienzler, in the Remetschwiel blacksmith Dietsche; the following were re-elected: in Hausen the mayor II Noths, in Most of the citizens of the Meßkirch? Hauser, in Sipplingen the previous one Local board member Heinr. Wiedenhorn. Your 50 year old Anits- or. Pastor Bohn in Auch and head telegraph assistant Mitz'utis in Constance celebrated service anniversaries; celebrated their golden wedding anniversary: ​​the pulpit director Fridolin Binkert'schen married couple in Jechtinen, the master mason Paul Becher and his wife in Oberlauchringen, the 81 year old SteinhsuerJoh. Gutgesellund wife in Pfassenweiler and the Schrei ner Mannhardt couple in Schwerzingett. From the Rheinpfalz. About the property of the merchant Joh. Sigrist in Neustadt a. H. the bankruptcy has been imposed. f Emanuel Jung in Wsyher. The businessman Rammel, who was arrested for scamming in Zweibrücken, has been released from custody against the bourgeoisie. The seventeen-year-old chair maker Marx von Lautzkirchen gave the six-year-old son Ludwig of the local Tüncher Jakob Hollinger brandy and ant alcohol, which he had mixed with soap-boiler liquor, to drink in such quantities that the little one died. He was punished for this with 6 months in prison. Province Po m e r n. F Preacher emer. Baur in Kammin. At the requisition of the Berlin public prosecutor's office, the body of the deceased second wife of the quarrel K., who now lives in Berlin, was excavated. The investigation revealed clear evidence of arsenic poisoning. K. is also said to have poisoned his first wife in Berlin. The baton trumpeter of the Blücher'fchen hussars, B. Korlivp in Stolp, who was charged with embezzlement, was first acquitted by the military court. Stenen, the deaf and mute companion under investigation in Wolaast, has committed multiple arson attacks. The gardener and hunter Vlawe in Demmin died of a gunshot wound in the foot which he had inflicted on himself out of carelessness; The unmarried Mester in the chopping machine had an accident at the Heiw rchshof near Greifswald; In Labes the merchant Moses Falkenburg died as a result of falling from a ladder; In Schlawe the bricklayer August Rekett was dangerously injured while blowing up a stone! m stumble the station assistant sprinck dead; Have drowned: in Stolp the master blacksmith Burow and from the high seas the sailor Johann Braun von Swinoujscie. .

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(Geldcne Medical Enweöung) Divides all scales from an ordinary jinne or leaf to the worst scrofula. Sulzftnsz. esS, wre. Schppigteit tttt auhtit fcrc Ht. do aUt kit.A nval.A (Ufl - S - li 'l. - vu.iy uuiuiito .um rtiuuuuncH jiiuiiiuciirn icrrrrn by practicing this powerful, inizende and powerful r, net. Under her rapid influence, beilkn rphe. srffed Seschbre riamnillich rushes in the Heüunz von Lchwindfltchte, ViosekNask, blood sores, carbuncles, wuu, de uaen, ZkrofulSsn,, st, wre and tumors, jagot joint, xankheit, never swam, rops or thick neck and, rwet terte T, se shown . One send ba EeatS tn postage stamps for a, with pictures, aeüzttett treatise on Haulkrankheite. Or there the same amount for the treatise on Ckrcfelleiden. VP9 $ lut 19 da bn.M Man ntvig et runtllch through the seduction of Dr. Piere ' ! Golden Wodiral Dlwofery, and aut Berdana. A siel? Eie Aaut freshness? Sin,!,. Life energy and health of the ostittio who produced it. Consumption, which is a scrotal disease of the Le. Wkd 'nrch this votive gift from one HeUiuittel jcknell and safe in it rem Fottschrttt dampened and leached. if the remedy is taken separately, Veiten reaches the final stages. We had other wonderful powers, or this terrible fatal disease, asked Dr. Pierre, when he first offered this now famous drug to the public, seriously thought of calling it a consumption remedy for tuberculosis, and asked to drop it, because the same was limited to a drug, which, owing to its wonderful application of tonic or fortifying, old or juicing, improving, anti-biologic, dissolving and nourishing properties, is much the same not only as a remedy for pulmonary consumption, but against all Chrom's diseases, blood and lungs Dn thick) feel dull, sleepy, weak. Ha, yellowish skin color or yellowish brown spots in the face or on the body; if you have a lot of pain or dizziness, bad taste in the mouth, internal heat or shivering, alternating with a rush of biting blood ; if you are depressed and filled with gloomy feelings: if tin Hrpettt is irregular and your tongue is cluttered, then you suffer from ver, danunsabschenken, DtzSpepf ie and liver, disease or healthiness. In many cases one can feel only some of these symptoms, l, a cure for all such silent ones is Dr. ttrr ', Golde Hedlc! blnroierj chn same. ... - against finnfltitchwache, Vlutspeien. ur, dtrjwigfdt,. Air tube igniters. Schltm, me usten. Consumption and related ailments is an infallible remedy. ..., - plan to send ten cents in - stamps for Dr. Pieree'S Book on Consumption 'Oei Vpothekern tt lynt'ttt Price A.0, MW Veni's Ci $;:; s37 Mcil iswiitb, SigeHamer7 663 Main Str., Vnffnlg, N. y. S30 rewarding r I is awarded by the Etaenthümera of Dr. Ci Sage'S Eatarrh Remedv for a ff atarrhfatt. tnsn. ilt f ..., m- -Tl-T w .. .uMuMuF. know, offered. i - If one has a disgusting or kx other fluid on the nose, part. Sm. - me nI. - r., r..n .. m - k t,? ma or Vkyors, vlöke ugea, dull Cchmer, or presser disc feeling in the Soxfe bat t mm mm L i m. mm. A C. mmmj '"Ijf .v (vw muuh HO W'HUUO, u'ci uiiu iiiob trry. an, enoe, olcher LäU ends in consumption. Dr. Sage' .Catarrh Rem ed V clears up the worst case of catarrh, headache and for VmlaUm pfschmerz. 60 cents. to Siiherhett. Convenience and economy in cooking is not easy. GaS-Defen oömfötiieii at the cost price. GAS C05IPAWY, 17 Coutb Vennsnlvania Oic. 0. PPGPANH'S deulscye book 7 Oüd cllabamagr. Books and magazines. In all languages ​​new and used at cheap prices. '.,.. Old books are bought and exchanged. Aie Indianapolis lsu MeVevös ftnd eiag: judges, ogriref! Zlt ,, t Vzjser .for drinking, Cooking, washing, bathing and for steam boilers at extraordinarily low prices. Office: 23 S. P, nnsylvaniastr I ndi ä uadolii, Ind. 0r. THEODORE A, VAG '.,',. - Office: gtmer Ho .0 Jletcder 55 Obarpe'S Oloc ?. E, right-hand side: 9 Ivvoroent. 4Rachtttg... '7-zl, nd. From 1011 before, and 2-UH $ r achm . C: jat3: Qdfütjltzt; erö Hssr Ute. CT Telepdo d8 .: ozialisttsche & .m tby-ÜA Regular business meeting every second Sunday of the month, in the building of the German-English school. New members are accepted in the regular meetings. IonaM contract 10 gents. Members of the section can also become members of the Krankenkaffe - Dentscbs UtUittt joins Cuö!




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