Should I learn the whole spring frame

Framework for hibernation

There is a top-down dependency between levels; H. Upper-level components to access the API of lower-level components. However, lower-level components should not depend on upper-level components.

  • The origin and concept of the persistence layer

  • The role of the persistence layer
  • ** Correspondence and difference between MVC design pattern and four-layer structure
  • Object Relational Mapping (ORM)

In general, a persistent class corresponds to a table, and each instance of the class corresponds to a record in the table

  • Development at rest
  • concept
  • Benefits of resting
  • Steps to Create a Hibernate Project

3. Import Hibernate and its dependent libraries (JAR package).

5. Write the configuration file for hibernation
1. Core configuration file
2. Mapping file (first create the entity class and then write the mapping file)

Official website for hibernation:

  • ** Description of the project directory structure
  • Create a persistent class