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season 1

The first broadcast of the first season took place in the USA from October 2001 to May 2002. The series was broadcast for the first time on German television from January 2003 to May 2003.

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1989 [edit | Edit source]

The first season begins with the prehistory in 1989. A meteor shower in Smallville kills many residents, including Lana Lang's parents. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Martha Kent witness a curiosity: In an accident caused by meteorites, they become aware of a little boy who discovers them both in the upside down car and a spaceship.

2001 [edit | Edit source]

This is followed by a jump of 12 years into the present in 2001. The Kents have taken the boy in and given him the name Clark. Over time, he discovered some special features in itself: It is very strong and resistant to knives and pistol bullets, but not yet completely invulnerable. Over time, he gradually discovers skills that are attributed to Superman. The first superpower he discovered was his speed, and later his power. Clark uses his skills to defeat various Kryptonite-mutated Smallville residents (often referred to as the "Freak of the Week" by fans). In the episode I see something that you are not ... Clark discovers his X-ray vision.

When Lex Luthor loses control of his car due to excessive speed and Clark is involved in an accident, the latter uses his strength to save him. Lex and Clark become friends through this, but Lex does not understand the mysterious circumstances of his rescue and has since started to investigate Clark. At the same time, he is playing power games with his father, who wants to take him out of business as the head of the company in order to harden him against real competitors.

At the time, Lana was dating the coveted football player Whitney. Her aunt Nel takes care of her after her parents die. In the course of the season Lana learns that the "Talon", a former cinema where her parents liked to hang out, is to be closed. She then decides to reopen the Talon as a café with Lex 'funding and becomes its managing director. She also befriends Clark, who feels much more than friendship for her, but is too shy and decent to mess with Whitney. Clark also does not notice that Chloe's feelings for him are similar to his for Lana. At the season finale, Whitney signed up for the US Marine Corps and several hurricanes passed through Smallville, Lana being dragged into one of these and her car.

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Episodes of the 1st season (2001/2002) [edit | Edit source]

Not from this world
First broadcast: January 3rd, 2003 - Director: David Nutter - Script: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar

Rescue Lex, avoid getting too close to Lana's fatal necklace, stop a scarecrow running amok - all without revealing that you have supernatural powers. Who says a teen hero has it easy? Clark also learns that he is actually not allowed to call Smallville his home.

Moulting under the full moon
First broadcast: January 3rd, 2003 - Director: David Nutter - Script: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar

Is Lana, trapped in a cocoon, doomed? Irradiated insects turn a weird insect collector into a monster - and he wants to make Lana of all people the queen of his great crawling kingdom.

First broadcast: 1/11/2003 - Director: Greg Beeman - Script: Greg Walker

He's truly dying to help his team win, no matter what the cost! The football coach is in mortal danger when he unexpectedly comes into contact with kryptonite - suddenly he can literally make hell hot on his opponents.

I see something that you are not ...
First broadcast: January 18, 2003 - Director: James Frawley - Script: Mark Verheiden

Clark is amazed when he realizes that he can see through objects with X-ray vision. But this ability comes in handy because he is dealing with a student who can take on other people's looks and qualities at will.

Shock Frozen!
First broadcast: January 25, 2003 - Director: James A. Contner - Script: Michael Green

He's the coolest guy in the whole school - and everyone who meets him is in icy danger: A student falls into the kryptonite-contaminated, icy crater lake and transforms himself into a frozen monster that sucks out the body heat of its victims.

Blind eyes see more
First broadcast: 02/01/2003 - Director: Chris Long - Script: Doris Egan

A bath in water containing kryptonite has the effect of a fountain of youth on a retirement home resident: But the now young man remains what he used to be: a dangerous murderer. A fortune teller predicts that Lex will move into the White House.

To love Somebody to bits
First broadcast: 02/08/2003 - Director: Philip Sgriccia - Script: Michael Green

A girl has astonishing success with her diet - but soon she gets cravings for fatty food: deer, for example, or one or the other crunchy boy ... the greed for fat becomes a serious danger for the whole of Smallville!

Body tremors
First broadcast: 02/15/2003 - Director: Michael W. Watkins & Greg Beeman - Script: Cherie Bennett & Jeff Gottesfeld

A one-time LuthorCorp employee claims his frequent seizures were due to an industrial accident in the secret Level 3 factory department. But if this level 3 exists, why doesn't Lex know about it?

Of those who know nothing and know-it-alls
First broadcast: 02/22/2003 - Director: David Carson - Script: Mark Verheiden

Clark's secret has been revealed - or not. Because he believes he is unobserved, Clark uses his superpowers to save human lives. But a police officer has observed everything - and wants to blackmail Clark.

Hollow boy
First broadcast: March 1st, 2003 - Director: D.J. Caruso - Written by Mark Verheiden & Michael Green

It is said that a good domestic worker should work and appear practically invisible. But now someone in Lex's mansion is taking this saying literally and using an invisibility potion to disguise themselves to terrify the entire property.

To hell with the will of others
First broadcast: March 8th, 2003 - Director: Chris Long - Script: Doris Egan

With his kryptonite-infected handshake, he connects every contract! Cunning entrepreneur Bob Rickman keeps the people of Smallville under his spell - he even gets Clark's dad to sell his farm.

Suddenly vulnerable
First broadcast: 03/15/2003 - Director: Greg Beeman - Script: Tim Schlattmann

Let's see how the remaining 99.999999 percent live ... When Clark is struck by lightning, he experiences the joys and sorrows of a normal human life, while a classmate suddenly has Clark's former superpowers.

Off through the wall!
First broadcast: March 29, 2003 - Director: Robert Singer - Script: Philip Levens

Whitney gets involved with the wrong people - the ex-athletes and burglars have modified their molecular structure with kryptonite tattoos so that they can go through walls ... banks and Lex's mansion can be robbed in no time.

Bad people, then and now
First broadcast: 04/05/2003 - Director: Michael Katleman - Script: Mark Verheiden

An archenemy Lex believed dead appears in Smallville after 3 years and pursues him. Chloe discovers very interesting details about Clark's adoption.

Bloom terror
First broadcast: April 12, 2003 - Director: James Marshall - Script: Michael Green

Jonathan messes with his son, Lana flirts seductively, and Pete tries to settle a score with Lex. They all act extremely conspicuously when they come into contact with a strange toxic plant, the Nicodemus flower - and there seems to be no antidote to the plant poison.

Like a little brother
First broadcast: April 19, 2003 - Director: Paul Shapiro - Script: Philip Levens

A boy with visionary skills flees from his brutal parents and finds accommodation with the Kents. The new happiness only lasts for a short time, because soon his parents turn up to continue to abuse his gift for their criminal activities.

Only the ashes remain
First broadcast: 04/26/2003 - Director: Terrence O'Hara - Script: Cameron Litvack

Angel of Compassion or Angel of Death? After a kryptonite accident, a young man can kill with just his touch. And he uses this new ability to help the seriously ill.

Clark Kent for President!
First broadcast: May 3rd, 2003 - Director: Michael Katleman - Script: Philip Levens & Michael Green

With the campaign slogan "Truth, Justice and ... so on", Clark wants to become Head Boy. But another candidate lets her bees loose on the unpleasant competitor - also convincing election campaign arguments.

First broadcast: May 10, 2003 - Director: James Marshall - Script: Philip Levens & Alfred Gough & Miles Millar

In a car accident, the culprit is hit and miss - the victim, a cartoonist, is unable to work and sinks into depression ... but suddenly he can move objects through the power of thought and knows how to use this new gift in his campaign of revenge.

The last piece to the truth
First broadcast: May 17, 2003 - Director: Terrence O'Hara - Script: Mark Verheiden & Greg Walker & Michael Green

In eerie visions, Lana sees Chloe being kidnapped. Lex continues to investigate the mystery that surrounds Clark. Now he is getting very interesting information from the pilot of a fertilizer plane, who was able to observe what fell from the sky during the meteor shower in Smallville.

When the storm came ...
First broadcast: May 24th, 2003 - Director: Greg Beeman - Script: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar

A reporter uncovered Clark's secret; Chloe may be leaving Smallville; Luthorcorp must close the gates. But at least the school ball promises a carefree evening for Clark and his friends. Until the tornado strikes.

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The DVD box consists of 6 DVDs containing all 21 episodes of the first season.

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