Duchess Meghan is a liberal

Meghan reporting on the boulevardOne wonders about such an antiquated image of women

The "Megxit" has dominated reporting in the British newspapers for days, but nothing can be said against it. After all, it is about the future of the British monarchy. Without Prince Harry and Meghan, she would run the risk of looking staunch and honest. And the exit of an English prince and his American wife divides the country along the same lines as Brexit - between young and old, liberal and conservative.

So the abundance of reporting is not offensive, but the hunt for the person whose name Godmother stood for the word created by Megxit is. Meghan Markle is to blame for everything, it is said ceaselessly. On the private television station ITV, star presenter Piers Morgan is allowed to fire one volley after the other at them. She cut off all relationships, with her father, with her own family, with old friends and now with the "Royal Family", the royal family.

One is then amazed at such a decidedly antiquated image of women. A woman is allowed to catch a prince, but then she has to drive the children to school and go to church. But Meghan demands and demands, "What Meghan wants, Meghan gets!" The fact that a couple decides together here hardly plays a role.

Meghan is hostile because of her origin

Is there also racism in the media? Black women in Great Britain don't hesitate for a second to insinuate that. You experience it yourself in everyday life. But the racism against Meghan Markle is far more likely to take place on social media. A BBC comedian compared Archie, the young son, to a chimpanzee. That was a bad slip.

Meghan Markle is more likely to be hostile because she is an American and thus a revenant of Wallis Simpson, the wife of Edward VIII. The British newspapers stir up resentment that Meghan Markle feels more comfortable in Canada and the USA than in the Scottish Highlands or in rainy ones English seaside resorts. She's just a "spoiled brat," scolds Piers Morgan, a spoiled brat.

The media have a clear social task

The industry benefits from the hype surrounding the Megxit. But the royals themselves are beneficiaries of the media hype because it gives them a response. But Harry and Meghan no longer want to work with the "Royal Rota", the established journalists of the mainstream media who take turns at appointments. They prefer to contact their fans directly via social media "unadulterated". To put it very badly, it almost reminds a little of Donald Trump's media strategy.

If the press omitted the hateful undertone, it would have a clear social task to perform here as well. For example, she has to look at whether the megxit will really become a worldwide charitable phenomenon like Diana's fight against the landmines once, or whether the royal couple degraded the monarchy to a trademark and both ended up being toys for media bosses and billionaires. Especially for a serious press, there will continue to be enough to report about the royals.

Friedbert Meurer (Deutschlandradio / Bettina Fürst-Fastré) Friedbert Meurer, Born in 1959, studied German and history in Mainz and Bielefeld, graduating as a high school teacher. In 1986/87 he was part of the founding team of the private radio station RPR in Koblenz and then volunteered at Deutschlandfunk in 1988/89. From 1995 to 1999 Meurer worked as a parliamentary reporter in Bonn with a focus on foreign policy. Until 2015 he was head of the Zeitfunk department and moderated, among other things. "Information in the morning". Since August 2015 he has been a correspondent for Deutschlandradio in London.