Should I change the piano solos?

Alexander's piano solos bring top marks

191 young musicians started last weekend in the regional competition of Jugend musiziert in Langenfeld. Several Heiligenhausers were among them. One of them was even among the 58 participants who made it to the state competition, which will be held in Essen from March 21st to 25th.

Eight piano soloists, 13 wind ensembles, two string ensembles and two harpists made it into the state competition. Alexander Brzoska is also one of the piano soloists: in age group 3 (born 2000/2001), the Heiligenhauser scored with the first movement from Beethoven's Sonata op Hunt a total of 24 of the 25 possible points.

Adea Dedinca has always shown the skills to be able to start in Essen in March. Your bad luck: There are no redirects in age group 1 (2004/2005). Working alongside Wilhelmine Wendling from Düsseldorf, the cello duo also scored a strong 24 points with the second of David Popper's 15 etudes for cello, the first of six easy duets by James Hook and the ninth sandpit rocker from Gabriel Koeppen's Nice Duets.

Like Alexander Brzoska, Jerome Lenssen (age group IV / born 1989/1999) and Linda Stamm (age group 1) also played the piano. With pieces by Bach, Haydn, Rachmaninow, Messiaen and Grieg (Jerome) as well as Burgmüller, van Beethoven and Chopin (Linda) they each scored 21 points, but did not make it through.

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