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How to order your ideal glasses online

If you want to buy a new visual aid online, you can try on glasses online or have them sent to your home. Thanks to the many filter options, only models that meet individual requirements are displayed for selection. A partner optician will determine the visual values ​​on site.


Order the new visual aid on the Internet - is that possible? Yeah sure! Because you can try on different glasses online or have them sent to your home. Once you have found the right model, you can simply have your correction values ​​determined by one of Brille24's partner opticians and include them with your order. Find out here what other advantages of buying glasses online!

Choosing the right glasses online

If you are in your optician's shop, you may be overwhelmed by the large selection. Online this can be even more extensive, but you have the option of filtering out exactly the models that meet your requirements. So if you already have a glasses shape, color or brand in mind, you can go to the online shop only display glasses with these criteria.

The following filters are available to you at Brille24 if you want to choose your glasses online:

  • Glasses for: Here you can indicate whether you are looking for glasses for women, men or children.
  • Brands: If you particularly like glasses from a certain brand, choose them here.
  • Price: Are you on a budget? Then you can indicate here how much the new visual aid can cost.
  • Frame type: Here you can decide whether your new glasses should be full, semi or rimless.
  • Front size: The total width of your glasses is specified here.
  • Colour: Of course, your visual aid should also harmonize with your style, skin and hair color - so just choose the colors that you like best.
  • Glass shape: Whether round, square or cateye - here you indicate which glasses shape you like.
  • Material: Choose whether your glasses should be made of metal, plastic, or titanium.
  • Action: Here you can filter out glasses that are currently being offered at reduced prices or that have been added to the range.

Measure the pupillary distance and determine the size of your glasses without glasses

So that your glasses fits the face and eye size well and sits correctly, you should determine some values ​​before buying. You can measure your pupillary distance (PD) online - but it is usually one of the values ​​that the optician determines during the eye test. If you don't know your PD value, you can simply download Glasses24 a picture of you, on which you hold a chip card to your forehead - directly above your eyebrows. It is important that you look straight ahead into the camera. So we can measure your pupillary distance for you.

Another value that you can determine yourself is the size of the glasses. It helps you assess whether glasses fit your face if you cannot try them on on site. If you still have your old glasses, you just grab a ruler and measure them out. You need:

  • Glass width
  • Web width
  • Temple length
  • Front size (i.e. the full width of your glasses)


At Brille24 you can enter these values ​​and then only suitable glasses will be displayed.

Try on glasses: online or at home

If you want to buy them on the internet, you can simply try on glasses online. To do this, you upload a photo of yourself, over which the glasses are placed like a filter. So you can see if you like yourself with this model. If you prefer to pick up the visual aid and actually put it on, you can up to 4 glassesalso try on at home. You have ten days to test it extensively - then you send it back and order your favorite model with the right prescription. You will also find other models from Brille24 on site at one of our partner opticians and you can try them on there.

Different lenses: which one is the right one?

The vast majority of lenses today are made of plastic. Mineral glasses are rarely used. Since they are thinner, they are suitable for people with very severe ametropia. However, plastic glasses are also available in thinner versions with a higher refractive index. Aspherical lenses, which are flatter at the edge and thus enable distortion-free vision, are also helpful. However, if your eyes only need a little correction, this aspect is less relevant.

The different lenses also differ regarding their refinements. The choices are, for example:

Specify and order sight values

Try on different glasses online, find your favorite model, order - It's that easy! But one step is still missing: Before you can place your order, you have to place yours Enter correction values. If you don't know them yet or if you think that they have changed, you let one Have a look at your local optician do. Finally, select the finishing you want and send your order. A few days later you will receive your new glasses!