Can i be an angel

Anyone can be an angel

Who would not know that: overwhelming problems, hopelessly lost situations, fears from which one cannot escape, worries without end. But suddenly there is a person who turns to you. Who shares your sorrows. Who unties the knot. Who will help you on your feet. Suddenly you see light again. The giant stone of your worries is rolling. Unexpected land is in sight. You get new courage. A weight falls from your heart. Relieved, comforted, liberated you say: "You are an angel."

Angels are people who spread light where it is dark and black.

Angels are people who bring a brightly colored ray of joy into a desolate gray world.

Angels are people who give courage to frightened, helpless, desperate people:
through their compassionate closeness, through their understanding word. Without much fuss, they lend a hand where they can help.

Angels are beings of flesh and blood who invisibly hold the world in balance.

There are still angels - among us. They have no wings, but their hearts are a safe haven for those in distress in life's storms. They turn to people who have been less fortunate. They keep their eyes open for people in need. You give them your hand and your heart. They provide food and drink. They speak to lonely people. They visit the sick and do not leave the dying alone. If it weren't for them, many would not have found any help or friendship. Many hearts would have died from the cold.

There are still angels in the world. I've met some. In the middle of the street, in the crowd. Suddenly they showed up - shook hands with me, solved the problem, and then left without waiting for thanks.

There are still angels in the world. But there could be much more with so many problems among people. An angel is also sitting somewhere under your skin. There are enough people around you for whom you can be an angel.