Can I do an SSC without math

Which documents are required for credit / recognition?

In order to have examinations taken at other universities counted / recognized, the following is necessary - the same procedure can be used for performance at the University of Vienna with a different study code and is recommended:

  • You must be a full student at the University of Vienna and already registered in the "target" course. The current study book sheet must be submitted as proof.
  • Appropriate certificates must be presented as proof of successful completion of the examinations - please bring copies with you. Foreign-language certificates must also be translated into German or English.
  • A form with the application for recognition / crediting must be filled out.
    • Form for BSc and MSc here
    • Form for BEd here
    • Form for MEd here
    • Form for changing diploma to BEd here.

With these documents, the crediting can be applied for directly to the responsible study program director (with R. Donninger for the subject mathematical master, with M. Ehler for the subject mathematical bachelor, with H. Humenberger for the teaching degree). The decision on the application is usually made immediately, the notification of recognition is then issued in the SSC Mathematics. Attention: the notification must be picked up in any case so that it can become legally binding and the recognized examinations can be approved.

For internally, i.e. at the University of Vienna with a different study code, a Online application for recognition via U: SPACE, but we ask you to do so before submitting your application absolutely to contact the responsible member of the SPL.