Go is easier than Java

Golang: The simple programming language from Google

Although Golang is still relatively young compared to other programming languages, it is already so mature and stable that it is used by developers all over the world - Google itself also uses the possibilities of the programming language. Golang is particularly distinguished by Simplicity andMultifunctionality that the developers were aiming for from the start. The main reason for the development of a new programming language lay in the dissatisfaction with established representatives who are characterized either by efficient code compilation, fast code execution or a simple programming process, however in no case have all three advantages at the same time.

By combining important features from different language families, Golang is actually setting a good example in this regard: This is how the Google language unites the Ease of programming, which distinguishes interpreted, dynamic language with the Efficiency and security a statically typed, compiled language. In addition, the structure of Go aims to create a short development process to enable large, executable files bwithin a few seconds on a single computer. Some of the crucial Golang designation features through which this quality standard can be achieved are:

  • a expressive, but lightweight type system for optimal classification and differentiation of the various objects (variables, functions, etc.)
  • Concurrency (parallel programming) for faster program execution
  • the one already mentioned automatic garbage collection (GC) for an optimal use of the available memory and to avoid memory problems
  • a strict specification of dependencies without complex declaration syntax
  • Platform independence, which enables the use of developed applications on all common systems