How is the Canadian crime

A murder like in a horror film caused horror in Canada: In front of numerous stunned bus passengers, a man killed the person sitting next to him with dozens of knife wounds. Then he severed his head. The alleged perpetrator, around 40 years old, was arrested at the scene on Wednesday.

The man was brought before the judge in Portage-la-Prairie on Friday. He was silent. The prosecutor requested a psychiatric report. The police did not comment on a possible motive.

According to an eyewitness report, the 40-year-old man stabbed the person sitting next to him with a large knife "50 to 60 times" while driving from Edmonton to Manitoba. He then mocked the other inmates with his victim's head in hand. The attacker was arrested, and on Friday he was charged with conditional resolution. The victim is a 22-year-old who was en route to Winnipeg, home, after working at a fair in Edmonton.

Market-shaking screams

The attack occurred on Wednesday evening around 9 p.m. local time near Portage-la-Prairie in the province of Manitoba. One of the passengers, Garnet Caton, said the victim - a man around 19 - was sleeping in his seat with headphones on when his neighbor started stabbing him. "We heard that bloodcurdling scream and turned around. There was this guy standing and stabbing the guy over and over again, 40, 50 times," said Caton over the phone from a hotel in Brandon, where the passengers were housed after the murder.

The mostly dozing occupants - 37 travelers and a driver in the bus - were startled by the victim's screams. The perpetrator then severed the young man's head and mutilated the body. Although it was the middle of the night, the perpetrator wore sunglasses the entire time.

"When he attacked him, he was calm," said Caton. "There wasn't an angry lawn, nothing. He stabbed the guy like a robot." Finally, the man tried to escape. The bus driver, he and a truck driver who had stopped, however, braced themselves against the bus door. The perpetrator then tried to start the bus and drive away. The bus driver went to the rear of the vehicle and somehow prevented that.

According to one in the paper Globe and Mail According to the witness report quoted, the driver pulled to the side of the road after the attack and opened the door. The passengers tripped over each other as they fled outside. An old woman was pushed to the ground. A mother threw her little child forward a few rows of seats to bring it out of the danger zone. When all the passengers and the driver were out, they locked the door.

Terrible and unique

According to official information, the police who arrived shortly after the crime surrounded the bus. Meanwhile, the perpetrator mocked the officers with his head in hand. According to police officer Steve Colwell, the perpetrator jumped out of the bus through a broken window and was arrested. Colwell confirmed that the victim had been stabbed, but refused to reveal their identity.

Police spokesman Colwell praised the travelers for their behavior. "That doesn't happen all the time on a bus," he said. "You sit on the bus, enjoy the ride, and suddenly someone is stabbed to death. I imagine it to be pretty traumatic. The way they reacted to it is extraordinary." Because the travelers acted quickly and calmly, there were no further victims.

Canada's Minister of Public Security, Stockwell Day, spoke of a terrible crime. At first he did not want to comment on details. "The horrific nature of this crime is likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime event in Canadian history."

According to a report by television station CBS, the suspect was from Edmonton, the capital of western Alberta.