Is Doran Martell really good at planning?

Dawn in Westeros - GAME OF THRONES: THE RED WOMAN (S06E01)

THE RED WOMAN is a solid episode. The dialogues in particular have lost none of their quality due to the loss of the original book. Admittedly, there are minor blunders every now and then. For example with Tyrion and Varys: While strolling through the streets of Meereen, the eunuch tells that he stole from rich men like Tyrion in his youth. The gnome boldly replies that Varys is no longer a boy. The addendum "Because you have no cock“But you could have saved yourself. Then there are those little moments that brighten up the otherwise gloomy happenings, that make you smile, that make happiness in Westeros seem possible. Like the oath Brienne takes before Sansa and the words Sansa reciprocates with the help of Podrick. Or the unexpected comedy that happens with the Dothrakis of all places. Given Dany's beauty, alpha male Khal Moro declares: "Seeing a beautiful woman naked for the first time, what is better than that?“Kill another khal, replies a warrior. Taming a wild horse, another. The fun of conquering is also not to be despised. Annoyed, the Khal gives in: "Seeing a beautiful woman naked for the first time is among the five best things in life. “Greetings from Monty Python.

Khal Moro's macho saying, which almost self-reflexively exhibits the voyeuristic male gaze of the series, finally finds its final ironic at the end of THE RED WOMAN. Certainly the most memorable scene of the episode belongs to the eponymous red priestess, who is allowed to undress once more. HBO's weekly showcase on breasts, you think and roll your eyes as we admire Melisandre admiring her bare face in a mirror image. Then the turning point: Melisandre takes off her necklace, the gemstone of which loses its red glow. The reflection has changed, the true essence of the red witch is exposed. An old woman with a limp body looks at her frail self in the mirror. Gone are the joy of frontal nudity. Melisandre isn't a few decades old, it's centuries! Associations with THE SHINING come up: Once again in Melisandre the monstrous femininity materializes in the psychology of the horror film.