Naval architecture is a tough course

The ship

Salvage tractor Holland - Paraat And Ready (PESK)

Fortunately, those four words still stand for the unique salvage hunter \ 'Holland \'. As \ 's 200 spectacular saves, the tug was built in their name in 1951. For a moment it seemed that this unique ship - more than 57 meters long - would be lost. But thanks to the vision of Dutch companies, governments and institutions funds could be increased for the purchase and restoration of \ "Holland \".

Thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of a close group of volunteers, it was possible to restore Holland to a largely original state and also to equip it with modern safety equipment. This remains an authentic piece of Holland's glory for posterity. A monument to Dutch naval architecture.

Salvage Tug Holland is unique in several ways. When the ferry to Terschelling was full, wild Doeksen company owners can use the Holland for passenger transport. Therefore we also have them to build the atmospheric lounges in the ship's construction. At that time, you enter the Holland as a passenger service with more than 800 passengers on board!

It is the combination of the hard work boat with its powerful Werkspoor engine with elegant Holland salons so attractive and unique. Not only for companies, governments and institutions, but also for weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations and events.

The historic home of Holland Terschelling, the current home port of Harlingen.