Why did Madeleine Hightower leave The Mentalist

The mentalist

Season 3, episodes 1-24

  • 47. The Diamond Trap (Red Sky At Night)

    Season 3, Episode 1 (45 min.)

    Peter Russo, the chauffeur of top lobbyist Harvey Dublin, is found shot dead next to his boss's car. The scene of the crime is in a prostitute district that is not on Dublin's normal driving route. Dublin, which was driven by Russo at the time of the crime, has disappeared. Teresa Lisbon suspects a kidnapping. Gale Bertram, the new CBI director, wants to do everything possible to clear up the case and is surprised that Patrick Jane wants to stay out of it ... (Text: Sat.1)

  • 48. The Perfect Sacrifice (Cackle-Bladder Blood)

    Season 3, Episode 2 (60 min.)

    Patrick Jane is lured into the office of the financial broker K-Ram-Investments by his ex-brother-in-law Danny Ruskin. Once there, he finds the real estate agent Landon Wale shot dead - no trace of his brother-in-law. When Patrick inspects the murder weapon, the police show up and arrest him as a murder suspect. The widow Concetta Wale, his sister Melanie and his assistant Heather Raide cannot explain Wales’s connection to the financial broker. (Text: Sat.1)

  • 49. The Enemies of Truth (The Blood On His Hands)

    Season 3, Episode 3 (60 min.)

    Shortly after the body of a murdered woman was found on the banks of the Sacramento River, Patrick learned that his girlfriend Kristina, who was apparently kidnapped by Red John, had reported on a radio show. In the house from which the call came, the smiley Red John was painted with Kristina's blood on the wall - Kristina continues to disappear. The dead person is now identified: Celia Jovanovich, a member of the Visualize sect. The sect leader is a certain Bret Stiles. (Text: Sat.1)

  • 50. Lies and Candles (Red Carpet Treatment)

    Season 3, Episode 4 (40 min.)

    The CBI team is assigned to the case of the murdered murderer and rapist Henry Dahl, who served several years of his prison sentence but was released from prison shortly before his death based on new DNA evidence. When Jane and Lisbon take a closer look at the husband of Dahl's victim, he seems extremely suspicious: It turns out that he manipulated the DNA traces that led to Dahl's dismissal. (Text: ORF)

  • 51. Fast as the Wind (The Red Ponies)

    Season 3, Episode 5 (45 min.)

    Jockey Bill Sutton is found dead in an alley. He was supposed to ride a horse owned by the stable owner, Cobb Holwell, in a race the next day. At the racetrack, Lisbon and Patrick meet young Sam, who is being trained as a jockey at Holwell. When Patrick catches groom Ellis Barnes threatening Sam, it turns out that Barnes is acting on behalf of Holwell's stable competitor Lockhardt. But Patrick is following another lead ... (Text: Sat.1)

  • 52. Rest in Peace (Pink Chanel Suit)

    Season 3, Episode 6 (40 min.)

    This time, the CBI team investigates in the vicinity of a wealthy family clan: Austin Marrs, friend of the young heiress Abby Fitzwilliam, is found stabbed to death in the outbuilding of the family residence. At the same time, Abby seems to have been swallowed by the earth. Jane and Lisbon are initially unsure whether Abby is a suspect or a kidnap victim. But one thing is quickly clear: Since the Fitzwilliams property is guarded by strict security guards, Abby cannot possibly have left the property since Austin's death - neither dead nor alive. (Text: ORF)

  • 53. Never say never (Red Hot)

    Season 3, episode 7 (45 min.)

    Yuri Bajoran, the owner of a helicopter factory, has received a death threat. Billionaire Walter Mashburn, an old friend of the CBI, wants to buy the company and wants to prevent anything from happening to Bajoran before the contract is signed. That's why he let his connections play and made sure that Lisbon and Patrick Jane are present at the company. Shortly afterwards, a bomb explodes in the room where the contract is to be signed ... (Text: Sat.1)