Where would you travel to

Where would you go if the time machine was invented?

A trip to the Middle Ages or even further back has never particularly appealed to me. Then suddenly I would be standing in the courtyard of a huge castle on an even bigger hill and would watch the people around me. Certainly interesting, but not my number one time travel destination. I don't want to travel to the future either. I don't want to know what's happening to the world or to me. That would take some of the tension out of my life. So there is only one option left: the past that lies immediately behind me.

I would want to meet my dead grandma. My mom keeps telling me that she was a very beautiful woman. I would sit with my grandpa on the rickety old bike he used to ride bread rolls through Giesing every morning. Dealt in coffee and cigarettes after the war was over. I want to see how my mom's clothes used to look and how she argued with her brother.

I would also like to travel back to those moments that I can only dare to remember. They are more like a movie scene than my own memory because they are as faded as an old color film. How was it when my sister was born? How was my first kiss I could really have saved myself that. But all in all, I have no regrets as I review it. It was all good the way it was.

Where would you go if the time machine was really invented? In the future or in the past? What would you do differently? Or do you prefer contemporary history up and down? Maybe you would forego time travel altogether?

Text: anja-schauberger - codswollop / photocase.com