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40+ PHP Laravel Interview Questions and Answers [2021 LIST]

Then run the project in the browser. You'll see Welcome! as output.

F # 22) How many Restful Resource Controllers are in Laravel and what actions are performed by the Restful Resource Controllers?

reply : There are seven relaxing resource controller in Laravel.

The following table shows the actions taken by the Restful Resource Controllers in a Laravel application.

verbpathactionRoute nameTo use
RECEIVE/ Userindexusers.indexGet all users
RECEIVE/ users / createcreateusers.createCreate a new user
POST/ Userbusinessusers.storeSave user details
RECEIVE/ users / {user}showusers.showGet user details
RECEIVE/ users / {user} / editto editusers.editEdit user
PUT / PATCH/ users / {user}To updateusers.updateUpdate user
CLEAR/ users / {user}to destroyusers.destroydelete user

Q # 23) What is middleware?

reply : Middleware acts like a bridge and filter mechanism between a request and a response .

Q # 24) How do I identify a blade template file?

reply : Typically, all of the blade template files are located in the Resources / Views Folder. Have blade files .blade.php Extension.

F # 25) Provide the location where model files reside in a typical Laravel application.

reply : There is a difference between the location of the model files in a Laravel 7 application and a Laravel 8 application.

In a Laravel 7 application, all of the model files are typically located in the App Folder.

In a Laravel 8 application, all of the model files are typically located in the App / models Folder.

Q # 26) What is seeding?

reply : Developers need test data when developing an application. Seeding is the insertion of data into the database for testing purposes.

Q # 27) Which databases are supported by the Laravel framework?

reply : The following list shows the supported databases:

  • MySQL 5.6+
  • PostgreSQL (Postgres) 9.4+
  • SQLite 3.8.8+
  • SQL Server 2017+

Q # 28) What aggregated methods does the Query Builder provide in Laravel?

reply : The following list shows the aggregate methods provided by Query Builder:

  • Number()
  • Max ()
  • Minimum ()
  • Average ()
  • Total()

Q # 29) What are some common crafting commands used in Laravel? Also include the function of each command.

reply : The following list shows some of the main crafting commands used in Laravel.

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  • PHP Artisan Route: List: With this craftsman command, all registered routes are listed.
  • Making PHP Artisan: Controller Controller_name :: This artisanal command is used to create a controller.
  • Making PHP Artisan: Middleware Middleware_Name :: With this artisanal command a middleware is created.
  • Make PHP Artisan: Migration create_ Table name _Table: This artisanal command is used to create a migration.
  • Migrate PHP craftsmen: This artisanal command is used to perform database migrations.
  • PHP craftsmen tinker: This artisanal command is used to interact with your application.
  • Make PHP Artisan: Seeder Seeder_Name: A seeder is created with this craftsman's command.
  • Making PHP Artisan: Model Model name: This artisanal command is used to create a model.
  • Make PHP Artisan: Mail Mail_Class_Name: This craft command is used to create an email class.

F # 30) Rahul wrote the following validation rules for a file upload field.

$ request-> validate (['file' => 'required | mimes: doc, pdf | max: 2048']);

Briefly explain the validation rules above.

reply : In the above validation, Rahul used three validation rules. You are,

  1. required: The required Validation rule prevents the user from submitting the form without uploading a file . In other words, the File field is mandatory .
  2. Mimes: doc, pdf: The Mimes: doc, pdf Validation rule only allows the user to upload a file that has.doc Extension or .pdf Extension.
  3. max: 2048: The max: 2048 With the validation rule, the user can only upload one file with one maximum size of 2048 bytes .

Q # 31) What is the purpose of a session in Laravel?

reply : A session is used to store data and keep track of users.

Q # 32) What is Laravel authentication?

reply : Laravel authentication is the process of Check the application users . It can be achieved through Identify the username and password of the user . Some other parameters can also be used for authentication. If user credentials are valid, this is the user authenticated .

Laravel used Guards and providers for the authentication process. Guards define how users are authenticated for each request while providers define how users are retrieved from your persistent storage .

Q # 33) What is a CSRF token?

reply : CSRF is an abbreviation for Falsification of cross-location inquiries . A CSRF token is toUnique value generated by the server side of the application and sent to the client .

CSRF token helps with this Protect web applications from attacks that force a user to take undesirable actions (commonly known as CSRF attacks). .

The following code segment shows how a CSRF token can be used when creating a form in Laravel.

Q # 34) Are you comparing the GET and POST methods?

reply : There are several differences between GET and POST methods, and some of the important differences are shown in the following table.

GET methodPOST method
Request data from a specific resourceSend data to a server
Parameters are included in the URLParameters are contained in the body
Data is visible in the URLData is not visible in the URL
Only permitted characters are ASCII charactersBoth ASCII characters and binary data are permitted
The data length is limitedNo limitation of the data length
The request remains in the browser historyThe request does not stay in the browser history
The request can be bookmarkedThe request cannot be bookmarked
Can be cachedCannot be cached
The security is lower compared to the POST methodThe security is high compared to the GET method
Cannot be used to send sensitive data such as passwordsCan be used to send sensitive data such as passwords

Q # 35) What is an authorization?

reply : Authorization is the process of Verify that authenticated users have the necessary authority to access the requested resources . Laravel used Gates for the authorization process.

Q # 36) What are some HTTP response status codes?

reply : You can use HTTP status codes to verify that a particular HTTP request has completed.

HTTP requests are divided into five different groups. You are:

  • Informational replies (1XX)
  • Successful answers (2XX)
  • Redirects (3XX)
  • Client error (4XX)
  • Server error (5XX)

a) Information responses: Status codes under this category indicate whether the request was received and understood.

How to open a JSON file

The following list shows informative answers.

  • 100: Continue
  • 101: Switch protocols
  • 102: Processing
  • 103: Early hints

b) Successful answers: Status codes under this category indicate whether the request was successfully received, understood and accepted.

The following list shows successful responses.

  • 200: OK
  • 201: Created
  • 202: Accepted
  • 203: Not authoritative information
  • 204: No content
  • 205: Reset content
  • 206: Partial content
  • 207: Multi-status
  • 208: Already reported
  • 226: IM used

c) Forwarding: Status codes under this category indicate that further action must be taken to complete the request.

The following list shows redirects.

  • 300: Multiple choices
  • 301: moved permanently
  • 302: Found
  • 303: See others
  • 304: Not modified
  • 305: Use proxy
  • 306: Switch proxy
  • 307: Temporary forwarding
  • 308: Permanent forwarding

d) Client error: Status codes under this category indicate errors caused by the client.

The following list shows client errors.

  • 400: bad Request
  • 401: Not authorised
  • 402: Payment required
  • 403: forbidden
  • 404: Not found
  • 405: Method not allowed
  • 406: Unacceptable
  • 410: path

e) Server error: Status codes under this category indicate errors caused by the server.

The following list shows server errors.

  • 500: Internal Server Error
  • 501: Not implemented
  • 502: Bad goal
  • 503: Service Unavailable
  • 504: Gateway timeout

Note : Click to view the full set of HTTP response status codes.

Q # 37) What tools are used to send email frequently in Laravel?

reply : The following list shows some common tools that can be used to send email in Laravel.

  • Mailtrap
  • Mailgun
  • Mailchimp
  • mandrill
  • Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)
  • Swiftmailer
  • stamp

Q # 38) Briefly describe some common acquisition methods in Laravel.

reply : The following list shows some common collection methods:

a) first () - This method returns the first item in the collection.


b) unique (): This method returns all of the unique items in the collection.


c) contains (): This method checks whether the collection contains a specific item.


d) get (): This method returns the item on a specific key.


e) toJson (): This method converts the collection to a JSON serialized string.


f) toArray (): This method converts the collection to a simple PHP array.


g) join (): This method combines the values ​​of the collection with a string.


h) isNotEmpty (): This method returns true if the collection is not empty. Otherwise false is returned.


i) Implode (): This method joins the elements in a collection.


j) last (): This method returns the last item in the collection.


Q # 39) What are Official Packages in Laravel?

reply :: The following list shows the official packages ofLaravel 8:

  • Cashier (strip)
  • Cashier (paddle)
  • Cashier (Mollie)
  • dusk
  • Envoy
  • horizon
  • Jet stream
  • passport
  • Sanctum
  • Explore
  • Socialite
  • telescope

The following list shows the official packages of Laravel 7:

  • Cashier (strip)
  • Cashier (paddle)
  • Cashier (Mollie)
  • dusk
  • Envoy
  • horizon
  • passport
  • Sanctum
  • Explore
  • Socialite
  • telescope

Q # 40) What is Laravel Forge?

reply : It is a Server management tool for PHP applications. This is a great alternative if you don't plan on managing your own servers.

Note : Click Here (the official website of Laravel Forge) to learn more about Laravel Forge.

Q # 41) What is Laravel Vapor?

reply : It's a complete Serverless delivery platform . It is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Note : Click Here (the official Laravel Vapor site) to learn more about Laravel Vapor.


Laravel is one of the most popular web frameworks among web developers. Although there have been some significant changes from Laravel version 7 to Laravel version 8, most of the functionality is still the same.

Laravel helps developers build creative and reliable web applications efficiently using its features such as routing, controllers, middleware, views, blade templates, eloquent models, migrations, seeding, artisans, hobbyists, file permissions, sessions, authentication, authorization, collections and much more.

We have reached the end Laravel tutorial for beginners Series. We believe that you enjoyed learning in this series of tutorials and that you acquired an excellent knowledge. Hope to see you again in another series of tutorials.

We wish you all the best for your upcoming interview!

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