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Profile picture: The Little Fanboy 44 collage, as I lovingly call it.

Little fanboy 44
Yep, the name says it all.
I'm pretty much the pattern example of a fanboy and I'm proud of that too.

Welcome to my profile.
Everyone is welcome here who gets lost on it! If you are having a hard time, you are welcome here, but if not also and you feel at home.
I, Felix Bastian, will accompany you through my profile.

That sounds strange, I know ...

Yep, I'm Felix, 21 years old and Trans Ftm. So I was born with a female body, but identify myself as male.
I firmly believe that you just have to let love go. It comes when it comes and with whom you ultimately fall in love you cannot choose.
A beautiful character is usually more valuable than some outward appearances.
And if that's right, I don't care about the rest.

So I hope you have made yourself comfortable somewhere and have a delicious tea or something good to drink and you feel good * Virtual biscuits rich *

It continues with more information about me.

What I love:

+ Formula 1
+ Beyblade Burst
+ Taylor Swift (Fearless (Taylor's Version) is out now)
+ Pokémon
+ Melanie Martinez
+ Tokio Hotel
+ Capital Bra
+ Samra
+ Sunsets
+ Warm summer days
+ Fanfiction
+ (Monster) energy drinks
+ Pizza, doner kebab, sushi
+ Food ^. ^

What I do not like:

+ Homophobia & transphobia ect.
+ Racism
+ Ferrari
+ Toxic Vettel fans ...
+ Soccer
+ Mushrooms
+ Corona -_-
+ The German Corona Policy -_-
+ Winter
+ Abdominal cramps ... -_-

Who I like:


Lewis Hamilton
Pierre Gasly
Valtteri Bottas
Lando Norris
Carlos Sainz
Nico Hulkenberg
Daniel Ricciardo
Kimi Raikkonen
Fernando Alonso
Yuki Tsunoda

... (Sebastian Vettel) ... (it's damn complicated) ...


Aiger Akabane
Ken Midori
Dante Koryu
Daigo Kurogami
Delta Zakuro
Fubuki Sumie
Suoh Genji

Who I don't like so much:


Esteban Ocon
Alexander Albon
Nico Rosberg
Nikita Mazepin



My favorite pairings:

Lewbastian ... just love! (Lewis x Sebastian)
Valwis ... yeah I'm totally obsessed, don't ask me why ... (Valtteri x Lewis)
Lewco ... Harmonie Pur XD (Lewis x Nico H.)
Lewnando (Lewis x Fernando)
Piewis ... Too Hot XD (Pierre x Lewis)
Lewro (Lewis x Nico R.) ... somehow just belong together okay ?!
Yupie (Yuki x Pierre)
Laban (Lance x Esteban) ey I love the shipping name! This is the name of a character from Beyblade Burst

Aiger x Hyde (just cuties)
Dante x Delta (If these two aren't meant for each other, then I don't know either!)
Fubuki x Suoh (these are basically the Beyblade reincarnations of Lewis and Nico R, they belong together!)
Free x Valt (Free is clearly flirting with Valt and he's not exactly averse)
Ken x Me (we both belong together ... Just kidding but Ken is still myz hihihi)

Team Luna (Luca Hänni x Christina Luft)

Soooo, you are welcome to leave me a message if you want to know something else. I hope you had a nice stay here and will come back again. Even if you feel alone. Have a nice day or evening, depending, bye bye see you soon!
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