What should I call my son

What should our child be called?

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We help you with the name search: Regardless of whether you are looking for a girl's name or a boy's name - at Gl├╝ckskind a lot of beautiful, unusual and popular baby names are waiting to be discovered by you.
Browse through our lexicon for girls 'and boys' names or be inspired by the suggestions in the name finder. Read tips and restrictions on choosing a name and find the name that is perfect for you and your child.

Playfully to the goal: "City-Country-Name"

Take this creative technique back to your own childhood: Do you remember the game "City-Country-River"? Finding a name is just as easy and playful:
Sit down with your partner, friends or family and hand out pens and pieces of paper to everyone else. In turn, a letter from the alphabet is called up randomly and everyone has to write down a girl and a boy name that begins with this letter as quickly as possible. The game can of course be expanded to include other categories.

Everyone participates: "Family Notebook"

You should plan a little more time for this creative technique, after all, everyone should be able to participate at their own pace.
The method is based on an open notebook that is kept within easy reach of everyone - for example on the kitchen table. Over the next few weeks, family members and friends are allowed to add their ideas in writing. At the end of the day you can collect inspiration and formulate favorites while browsing together.

Let your thoughts run free: "Stimulus word technique"

Our brain is a huge treasure trove of experiences that we have stored in our "gray cells". So maybe you already have the right name in your head! This technique can help you on your way:
Have a dictionary handy for you and your fellow players. Take turns choosing a term at random and write down everything that comes to mind. Think especially of the people you associate with the terms. An example: When you hear "Flower", you think of your friend Sonja, who loves tulips.

A solid thing: "modeling clay"

It sounds strange, but kneading is also an effective means of generating ideas. Kneading is a great way to creatively challenge the brain without feeling pressure to perform. Just shape whatever comes to mind. This situation often gives rise to good ideas and different approaches.