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Beware of these sexy fake profiles on Facebook

From TECHBOOK | April 24, 2017, 5:17 p.m.

More and more Facebook users are currently receiving dubious friend requests from scantily clad women they don't even know. What's behind it?

Have you already received friend requests from Jarmila, Kenya or Ines on Facebook - although you don't even know the ladies with the sexy profile picture? Then you feel like many other users too: As the educational portal Mimikama reports, there are currently numerous fake profiles in the social network that want to lure you to dubious websites.

What happens if I accept the friend request?

Don't worry: the wrong girls are not really harmful to your profile - but they are quite annoying. As Mimikama reports, Marie & Co. spam your home page with revealing pictures (which were often stolen from the Internet and actually show models or actresses) and links that lead you to dubious contact portals. Do not click on it - the sites are seldom serious and in the worst case scenario they might want to offer you paid subscriptions.

How can I prevent such requests?

Individual cases can be rejected or deleted without any problems, but it gets annoying when several requests come from fake profiles every day. You can prevent this with a simple setting: Click on the symbol with the friend requests, then on in the top right corner Settings. Here you can now determine who can send you friend invitations - either All or just friends of freinds. With the latter setting, you can only receive inquiries from people who are friends with one of your contacts - fake profiles should no longer stand a chance.

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