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MLL is one of the leading law firms in Switzerland and advises companies and successful private individuals from all over the world. We are always committed to your success by devoting ourselves to your economic affairs in an innovative way. With our four locations in Switzerland and our international network of partner law firms, we offer you competent legal advice and support in your national and international business activities.

Customer orientated

Your needs are at the center of our corporate philosophy, processes, ideas and solutions. We always strive for efficiency, straightforwardness and transparency.


Our lawyers are specialists in their field. We are particularly valued by our clients for our outstanding expertise in advising clients at the interface between high-tech, IP and regulated industries.


We are not only observers, but also often co-creators of market developments and adopt ideas and technologies with which we can further develop our work to your advantage.

Our history

Our law firm has been in Geneva since 1882 and in Zurich since 1975. Today MLL is one of the largest law firms in Switzerland with offices in Zurich, Geneva, Zug and Lausanne. We work closely with an extensive international network of selected law firms around the world. Our clients represent our livelihood, and we want to offer them the best possible legal advice in order to successfully realize our clients' goals.

social commitment

Verbier Festival

We are partners of the Verbier Festival, a world-famous classical music and important cultural event in Switzerland.

Promotion of young talent

We have a long tradition of promoting young musicians and photographers. Every year we support talented young artists in Switzerland.


With involvement in voluntary work and charitable projects, MLL pursues the goal of promoting the education, health and development of communities and groups in need, especially women and children, protecting the environment and wildlife, supporting artists and contributing to research: With the Sombrilla Foundation, an independent, non-profit Swiss umbrella foundation under the supervision of the Federal Foundation Supervisory Authority, we offer our clients and donors a flexible, uncomplicated and cost-efficient instrument with which they can realize their charitable projects.

    MLL is ’noted for its very attentive customer contact. It communicates well and gives good, understandable explanations to the client ›and‹ for every question, there are the right people in-house available to perform very good, cost-efficient and timely work ›

    The Legal 500, 2020

    MLL is ‹highly experienced and professional› and ‹composed of extremely competent and responsive lawyers, who understand the needs of their clients›

    The Legal 500, 2020

    The team is 'pragmatic, efficient and easy to work with'

    Chambers and Partners, 2020

    MLL is 'a big law firm with a good reputation' that 'provides a consistent level of quality and service'

    Chamber and Partners, 2020

    The Oloid: precise and innovative, like us!

    The Swiss artist, inventor and technician Paul Schatz (1898 - 1979) developed various cuboid structures from the movements of the invertible cube. One of them is the Oloid, which became the subject of a Swiss patent as early as 1968 as an "aid to generate a tumbling motion". If you let the oloid roll down a slightly inclined surface, you can perceive the rhythmic-pulsating principle inherent in the invertible cube in a modified form. To this day, there are many possibilities, e.g. in water purification and treatment, as a drive element in shipping or as a stirring element in biotechnology.

    Literature: The world can be turned inside out, Paul Schatz, Verlag Niggli

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