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December 5, 2020 to January 31, 2021

After almost 10 years, the »afip!« On Goetheplatz closes. Displaced from more lucrative formats. To say goodbye, we call for a homage to the subculture: Let's turn Offenbach into a huge sculpture park that celebrates the subculture in all its facets!

In unexpected places, casually, in the middle of the way or hidden, funny, accusatory or “Huh - what's that?”. Regardless of whether you are an association, an initiative or a creative individual activist - grab the available material and occupy the public space with your statement for 57 days.

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A sign against intolerance on Goetheplatz in front of the »afip!«, 2017. Photo: Lutz Jahnke

Offenbach initiatives, associations, activists, creative people, and much more are invited to create a sculptural statement on the value of subculture for the city, if possible from existing material, and to place it in public space. The sculptures can sit on trees, stick to lanterns, greet on roofs, ... - and always raise a question.

For example: How far can you go ?, Fakenews, hate speech campaigns with wrong {beautiful} words, fake books that invite you to read and be amazed, scarecrows with speech bubbles, objects around objects, applications, invitations to pop-up meetings at a distance , etc.

The “Offenbacher Sculpture Park - Social Sculpture” is to expand from December 5, 2020 to January 31, 2021, especially in Offenbach's Nordend and from there to the entire city area. The aim is to take 30 positions. With the help of information signs and QR codes, those interested can find out more about the plants. The opening takes place decentrally. An analog and digital communication campaign as well as press work draw attention to the project regionally and beyond Offenbach's city limits. Those interested can follow the creation process of the “Offenbacher Skulpturenpark” online on social media. A city map helps to discover the sculptures.

The temporary “Offenbacher Sculpture Park - Social Sculpture” shows that culture, joint projects and exchange are necessary and possible, especially in these difficult times.

Funded by the Hessian Ministry for Science and Art, Culture Fund Rhein-Main, Social Cohesion Urban Development Hesse, Sascha Klacke.

Academy for interdisciplinary processes »afip!« E.V.
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Press release on the closure of the Afip at Goetheplatz

Almost 10 years of full knests drilled into it | openly - »afip!« to !!!

On January 31, 2021, the academy for interdisciplinary processes »afip!« At Goetheplatz in Offenbach closes its doors with the farewell campaign »Sculpture Park«. Take part!

The sympathetic cultural and experimental space, which has been operated by the artist and designer Lutz Jahnke as a permanent temporary use in the former Schlecker building since July 2011, now has to give way to a new and more lucrative display concept after almost 10 years. Finally, with a 57-day sculpture park, afip calls for a tribute to the subculture throughout the city: www.afip-hessen.de/skulpturenpark

With an average of 100 events and 4500 visitors per year, the »afip!« Is an integral part of Offenbach's cultural scene and the RheinMain area. Dance, theater, readings, lectures, word art, workshops, political events, exhibitions, top-class concerts, happenings and festivals - from now on no more ... :(

Therefore even more important: the »afip!« Deals with people's needs and fears and actively addresses their issues. Everyone can get involved, contribute and use the “afip!” Construct for themselves. This is where ideas and initiatives are born, projects and personalities are developed, and solidarity and the future are shaped. The questions range from energy saving to consumer criticism, the answers from experiments to concerts. A rare, precious space for a democratic society.

»I am very grateful for the great opportunity that» afip! «Has been able to fill this place in the middle of Offenbach with colorful life, top-class events and crazy ideas for such a long time. Now we are going on elsewhere. "

Review: After studying at the HfG Offenbach, while looking for an interesting office in spring 2011, Jahnke came across the Schlecker store on Goetheplatz, which had been vacant for years. After some research, the owner was found and ready to give Jahnke the 600 square meters of space for a few months for temporary use.

With a few friends - sitting on crates of beer in the empty room - the concept finally came about: an experimental space for everyone, in which diverse currents and topics of our time are examined together and a wide variety of theoretical and practical work, models and processes are developed in an interdisciplinary manner. An academy for interdisciplinary processes - the »afip!«.

The weekly so-called »research seminars - over 500 times to date - where interested parties of all stripes met to discuss and develop ideas, formed the essential basis. The results of these seminars manifested themselves in regular »happenings«, in which the ideas were implemented in new, creative, often performative ways and made accessible to the public.

The grand opening on July 30/31, 2011 was such a happening of colorful ideas, followed by activities such as: the HÖR ZOO KLANGspektakel, the jungle happening, the monster happening at the Museumsuferfest, the Offenbach wall newspaper, city tours in the garbage can, Offtopia - the utopia -Festival for Offenbach, the chancellor duel of Offenbach OB candidates, the largest DIY orchestra Offenbach and much more.

But that's not all. Jahnke wouldn't be Jahnke if he hadn't brought countless artists and cultural highlights to afip with his penchant for culture in general and jazz music in particular: "Writers in Exile" - politically persecuted authors, "Kassiber in Leuchtschrift" the show for slam art & Music, »Milonga Libre« - world culture & high heels, Les Brünettes, countless international jazz stars and many experts in their field.

As great as the joy about the lease, which was extended indefinitely, as great as the challenges of the location: the condition in need of renovation and non-existent insulation turn afip into a »cold store Offenbach« in winter. Vandalism destroys the windshield, friction with local residents is nerve-wracking. Even the often provocative person Jahnke himself is not popular with everyone. Financial resources are scarce, and then there is also Corona.

But that is also part of the concept: See every crisis as an opportunity and find creative solutions for difficult situations. The afip works mainly through the commitment of the people - everyone brings what he or she can do. Manual skills, relationships, advice, a heater, working hours or donations.

»Even if there was unfortunately no permanent financial support, I would like to thank you for the support of many individual projects. In particular, the Dr. Marschner Foundation, the Rhein-Main Culture Fund, ING Germany | Ingrid Schäflein, Nordend district office, Convecto GmbH, heating | Ivan Soldo, Socioculture Fund, LAKS, Sabine Süßmann | GBO, the association funding of the city of Offenbach, parliamentary group of the Greens | City of Offenbach, Michael Schwinn, the Offenbach Cultural Office, Julia Diehl, Meike Weber, you! and the many private donations and commitments have made great things possible «

Even if the time at Goetheplatz ends now - it will continue with afip. Somehow, somewhere, sometime. Because institutions like afip are too important right now to simply let them die. With its offers and programs, afip makes the basic values ​​of an open and free society tangible. It invites people of all walks of life, age groups and origins to come together and help shape living democracy. It promotes participation and dialogue about a future of our society oriented towards the common good, at the same time conveys history and creates a culture of remembrance. It lives through the active commitment of numerous voluntary helpers and needs enthusiasts like Lutz Jahnke, who despite all odds strengthens culture, promotes togetherness and maintains our democratic values.

Thank you, Lutz Jahnke & the world's best team

Text: Julia Diehl | www.ux-co.de for www.afip-hessen.de

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