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Ticket Event Module which automatically sends survey emails to customers when their Ticket closed becomes.
Ticket event module that automatically polls emails to customers if their ticket is closed.
This rule is used to notify a customer that his Ticket closed has been.
This rule is used to notify a customer that his ticket has been closed.
The "Close" action looks like this: After a Ticket closed it can no longer be changed and automation no longer has any effect.
The close action looks like this: Once a ticket is closed, it can't be modified anymore and automations no longer affect it.
If the error is corrected, that can Ticket closed and the system status is set to "green" again.
If the fault has been rectified, the ticket can be closed and the asset status can be reset to "green".
When a Ticket closed it means that our team has solved your problem or question and will no longer contact you about this ticket.
When a ticket is closed, that means that our team has resolved your issue or question and will no longer be contacting you regarding this ticket.
If the option is deactivated, each child ticket must be closed individually before the parent Ticket closed can be.
If this option is off, each child ticket must be closed individually before the parent ticket can be closed.
Used when a customer has written a follow-up message and the follow-up message is rejected (because the Ticket closed and cannot be reopened).
Used if the customer wrote a follow up and the follow up is rejected (because the ticket is closed and not possible to reopen).
If you Ticket closed but you do not feel that your problem has been resolved, you can reopen your ticket. NOTE: Tickets will be automatically closed if we don't receive a response from you within 5 or more days.
If your ticket is closed, but you don't feel we have resolved your issue, you can reopen your ticket. NOTE: Tickets are automatically closed if there is no response from you for 5 or more days.

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This means that in the event that you have several thousand spamTickets have to take a while for this Tickets closed were.
If the Parent option is used, child Tickets all open children will be closed Tickets closedif the parent is closed becomes.
Data download Data that EPLAN Support has made available for a specific ticket can be downloaded again at any time, even if that ticket already closed is.
Data download You can download ticket-specific data that has been provided by EPLAN Support at any time, even if the ticket has already been closed.
After a certain number of days, the ticket automatically open Closed set and archived for reference.
Finally, after a certain number of days, the ticket is automatically Closed and archived for later reference.
Get in Zendesk Tickets not manually closed, but based on an automation included in Zendesk.
In Zendesk Support, tickets are closed by automation, not manually.
Performances & Tickets The ticket-Shop is currently closed.
Our ticket System lists Tickets as open or closed.
Ricardo Updated August 9, 2018 3:53 AM Follow Question Can I call recordings from Tickets in the closed-Delete status?
Ricardo Updated August 09, 2018 3:53 AM Follow Question Can I delete call recordings from tickets in Closed status?
All automations run once an hour for everyone Ticketswho don't closed are.
All automations run once every hour on all non-closed tickets.
ticket could not closed for device "":
Closed on Monday, November 1st closed ticket Adults from € 4.00
Closed on Monday and November 1, ticket from 4.00 euros
This list allows to illustrate the different payments or down payments that are included in your invoices or Tickets (just CLOSED) or orders (only OPEN).
This list makes possible to see the various payments or deposit from your invoices or tickets (only CLOSED) or orders (only OPEN).
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