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Card of Humility in Buy Poe Path Of Exile Lucky Cards. Farm pinned cards

As in any other modern game, the online project gives users a lot of opportunities for the extraction of legendary equipment and weapons. Some players play for fun, others try to get better things for battles on the PVP arena. In any case, however, proving the most advanced toolkit is the ultimate goal for all members of the multi-million community of this isometric "hack end-slash" of the game.

The main preoccupation for gamers, especially at high levels, is Farm Game Map Path of Exile. These things open access to various locations that have reinforced mobs with additional skills. Only well-trained players can take place, while for each unique location it is possible to choose the optimal build that will allow you to quickly cleanse the territory and get a rare artifact from the chests that will appear after bosses are murdered.

Features of cards

As mentioned above, the Exile Pharmaceutical Card Path refers to one of the game's unique "chips". At secret locations where access opens after using the map, you can get legendary weapons and armor, napharthum currency or simply test your strength in battle with powerful opponents.

The higher the level of the map, the more treasures you will find at the site, but more primal tests appear with an increase in the LVLA. In some cases the players hit with a blank spot without an opponent (Waal-Pyramid-Map), the other places allow to pump faster because they offer an additional percentage of the accumulated experience.

All cards are divided into different types:

  • white (the simplest and affordable that can be turned off from ordinary monsters);
  • blue (magical, with an increased level of complexity);
  • yellow (rarely comes across, it is possible to pass them to high levels, from 72+);
  • unique (the rarest items that enable access to the most difficult position).
  • The final card category opens the portal on site, where monsters have unique abilities. In rare cases, it is necessary to undergo a place for a certain time, after which all characters in that place die and go to the top point. It should be remembered that these are disposable items, so you need to prepare for the RAID in advance to familiarize yourself with the terms of the battle when analyzing the card itself.

    Farm map.

    So farm maps must be carried out by a character, required equipment and level. Usually friends are best to go with friends, but there are options when the test can pass and a lone warrior. The most straightforward way to mine cards is to buy them in the in-game market, but beginners to spending money buying things for "Haosen" essentially means moving away from the ultimate goal of desired uniforms and legendary weapons.

    Preparing for the trip, you need to carefully consider the conditions of the battle with monsters on the spot. For example, the "Whirlwind of Chaos" card needs to be as wide as possible as the mobs acquire immunity to stun, and with every hit they will hit the player with every curse. But the reward from the chests will also please - from 200 to 400% of the additional sounds in the case of a successful passage.

    Map "Mao Kun" (one of the most popular and popular) is an area with pirates who leave treasure chests after death. Opening the chests leads to the appearance of a unique boss named Mogynnon Immortal, who will disappear every time the player drops their health level up to 90%. After the main boss is murdered, you can turn down the Fortune Money cards "Surprise", "Navigator" and "Player".

    Mining unidentified cards

    Not only can you provide a high-level map with the help of Grinda, but you can also exchange it from a special NPC. Traders in cities are determined by the 3 players who have determined cards of a certain type and level and several alchemy cards. Once shared, a higher card will be added to your inventory but not identified. So it is not always necessary to learn Poe cards at a low level, if Prey does not represent a lot of value to you, you can always swap unnecessary items in the current swaps by using the possibilities in the game.

    If you are a single player, the card farm presents itself as the best way to get rare items without you cycling for that third-party help. Yes, and at high levels, the players usually don't do particularly well alongside murdering other players on the PVP arena. And the extraction of the necessary outfit or game currency for its purchase by teleportation to the secret zones will become a worthy occupation for you, which can be devoted to a lot of free time.

    Release addition "War for Atlas" for Action / RPG Path of Exile will take place on December 8th. Therefore, developers don't wait to show you future innovations. This time around they decided to show players have several new unique items and lucky money cards.

    Long Winter (Cobalt Jewel) increases cold damage by 15%. If there is at least 40 intelligence within a radius, the ice cascade has an additional wave (and 20% of the physical damage of the ice cascade becomes the damage of the cold).

    In the Callisan grace (satin gloves) the stones placed are reinforced by the accelerated creation of level 18 of the level. On top of that, this thing gives +21 to intelligence, +67 to max energy shield, +65 to max health (and for 2 seconds gives + 2% chance of critical impact when you spend 800 mana).

    Invictus Solaris (Archon's drop-shaped shield) causes the fiery Pawing 20 level, if any. In addition, in the description, the following bonuses are indicated in the description: + 12% resistance to all elements, +2 on the level of stones, 210% increase in armor and energy shield, +72 to a maximum of health can not be set on fire .

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    Overview of last week's announcements

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    Last week was very full! We announced the fall of the Oriat and League tests! Various updates have been released on third party providers and many players have been unable to notice this information. Today we collected links to it

    As you pass plot quests, you start to drop the cards. These are maps of the first tire. However, the atlas itself will be available to pass after China 10 is killed and the task in passing the first map. You cannot get to the cards up to this point.

    A couple of important points:

    1. The card is considered closed if you weren't there or you were there but the boss is not killed
    2. The card is considered open when the BOSS card is blocked
    3. The card is considered done when the card boss is defeated and the conditions for handing over a card (e.g. kill the boss on the magic card).

    These definitions meet in the course of the article, they need to be kept in mind.

    What is a shooting card:

    TIR is a kind of complexity indicator. The higher the TIR, the higher the level of the monsters and the more difficult mode can be on the map.

    On the maps of the first tire of monsters 68 levels and then further on the growth.

    If you pass the card, you can turn out new cards on it. You can knock out:

    The interconnected with him did not pass the cards, and all the nourishment passed and under.

    Maps are considered connected if their atlas visually connects the row. They are clearly visible, they go from map to map, peculiar paths between the worlds.

    If you don't have any type of card (for example you are missing the required T1, but I really want to start with it) ie 3 options.

    1. Buy in town (truth the right card may not be there)
    2. Buy from other players
    3. If it is a map from not the first tire, you can swap 3 low-diet cards (tires under 1 cards you need) linked directly on the Atlas line to the card you need, and thus the desired card received. This is useful when you have a lot of little cards that you have "worn out" and stood for a long time.

    A few words about Atlas Bonus.

    Atlas Bonus gives an even chance to increase the level of the drop down card for each unit of the bonus. To increase the bonus you need to perform tasks on the cards (these are the tasks in which it is written that it is necessary to pass the Magic / Magic version of the card. Sometimes it can be written something else)

    If the bonus exceeds 100% it means you will always drop a card to the same level as it would have been and there seems to be a chance of getting a 2 level card up.

    It is best not to pass the cards like this, but by doing more work. As a rule, a card must be of a certain rarity. You will find the rarity you need to learn on the map in the Satin Mouse.

    Cards, like elements, can be magical, rare, and unique, and they can be desecrated.
    What can happen to the card when you define it:

    • Nothing but the appearance of the status of "desecrated".
    • Adds or takes a layer from the map to change the base type according to new layer and gives new properties. This is the only way to get a map of the Temple of Waal 81 levels.
    • Redufts the card to the new one while the card can be made up to 8 properties.
    • An unidentified card, hide (but not change) its properties and indicators of the number of objects. Unidentified cards have a 30% bonus to the number of elements.

    In addition, all bosses on the defiling maps have a chance to go back Victim Fragments of Waal or stones Waal.

    Map modifications increase the number and rarity elements on it.

    It follows that white cards do not give a point, if everything is very bad with the currency, then at least do not regret the scope of the transformation.

    In addition, the card may (and even need) to be sharpened by the kirmsograph's cutters to increase its quality, which in turn also affects the number of numbers and rarity.

    It is better to show a card first and then throw the ball there, rather than the other way around. Save currency

    Only the number of elements affects the fallout of the maps of the Atlas, but nothing unusual!

    The atlas of the map itself also has white, yellow and red, but this is not the same as magical / magical / desecrated / maps. Oh, this section will be clear when we get to the sexes.

    If this is your first time passing the Atlas of Worlds, the most the best decision will open up all the Atlas to understand where the bosses, where it is difficult and where it is easy, and where it is more pleasant and interesting to play in person .

    Zones of influence

    Sometimes strange areas appear on the atlas. These are zones of influence of the Shaper and the Elders (old). The zone of Shepherd's influence looks like a starry sky, appears first on the atlas after the first maps. The area of ​​influence of the old looks looks exactly like a boring gray area.

    What is the difference between the passage of the card in the zone of Sheper's influence (creator):

    1. The boss itself or the card itself is enhanced by a neck. For example, he can pass with the boss in the middle of battle, or the water balls fly on the map, crashing inside you, creating a zone of gradual damage
    2. On the map you will find rare things with the special properties of the shaper. These qualities cannot shout out at ordinary things, and they can be very strong. They do not intersect with the modes of things of the old.

    What is the difference between the passage of the card in the older zone of influence (old-rated):

    1. There may be portals on the map from which ancient monsters will appear
    2. On the map you can find rare things with the special characteristics of Elder. These qualities cannot shout out at ordinary things, and they can be very strong. They don't cross with the modes of the Sheper things.

    If you expand the influence of elders to 15 or more cards, you have his guardians and elders on the cards.

    To expand the influence of the older influence:

    You need to run a card next to this area, preferably a chamber card.

    100% of the way to look them up right cards no

    After the murder on the older zone, his influence completely disappears. However, if you run the card again, it will reappear. So it may be possible to kill it often.

    There is a way to apply the Old's Zone of Influence to the desired roast card. Not on certain maps, but there is language about the shooting range. Everything is easy:

    We perform a specific shooter, for example, one and the closest map. For example the T6 academy. We run until formation or while the old man does not appear on a card t6.

    It is always unknown if it always appears on T6, or there is a bug in a shooting range (some say that it does not appear specifically in the desired bath, but in its area, but such words allow such words not to be exactly about claim the appearance on the desired hyphen).

    Everything about shaping

    If you do the older card you will have a mark with a creator piece (mere orba). This is the job that Zan is, and the card is marked with a blue circle. After passing this card and killing the boss with the required requirements (for example, on a magic card for white cards), you will get a fragment of memories. You give it up and get a whole bullet. Read more about these fragments and how to get them in the section on Zau. In this section just about yourself balls.

    With the help of the orb shaper you can increase the level of the map to 5.

    Why is it necessary:

    For example, there are minor cards that are convenient, good, and just like you. And I want to keep being farm as the character grows.You throw an orhers shaper on such a card and it doesn't stop "small" and the drop is just richer.

    Which cards better improve the Creator's Sector?

    • TIR1 - All. perfect option this is a beach map (beach). Map is straightforward and very comfortable, simple monsters and a simple boss.
    • TIR2 - A well-suited map of Arid Lake. It is a round without obstacles, the boss is not very strong either.
    • TIR3 - a map of burial cameras (burial chambers). It's good that there's a chance of getting a fortune card on the belt hunter (headhunter)
    • TIR4 Coastal Map (strand). It's straightforward, the boss is very simple too. This is the most direct card in the game.
    • TIR5 - canal map (canal.) (Linear map) or haunted mansion map. Here on your taste.
    • TIR6 - Atoll Map (Atoll) - a direct map in the form of eight or a map of the Jungle Valley.
    • TIR7 - DUNE MAP (DUNE) - An open map with no obstacles.
    • TIR8 - Tropical Island Map or Shore Map. There is also an option with a Schlammgeyser card (Schlammgeyser) - a good round card, but the boss can be dangerous.
    • TIR9 - storage card (safe). There are cards for the experts, so many who are Farmit. Alternative option - Plateau Card (Plateau) - An uncomplicated, good card.
    • TIR10 - Map Bell Tower (Bell Tower), but only if you are strong enough to kill the Kitava on T15. Alternative - MARD by Quaggers (MOOR.). The menu is round and pleasant. On the go of the Boss ROA who falls into a rage when disturbed by them worried and recommended that you only do it if you are strong enough.

    How do you remove the scope of the Creator? What is the extent of the destruction?

    If you decide to upgrade the creator's other map, or you just want an upgraded map again, you can apply Destruction Scope. To get it, you need to pass the cartographer's 20 catters dealer and 5 references.

    And don't forget to include the scope of the Creator in the city.

    Sextants and Setting Atlas - How To Use It In The Repository Map Example

    Starting with 3.2 SET limit on the maximum number of sextants

    Sextants are a currency that throws on the cards. When you toss it on the card, a circle will appear and any cards that fall in that circle (including the one you have a sextant) will be awarded for three more approaches. Additional changes.

    At first we can only have one active sextant on the atlas.

    Increase this limit this way:

    1. We pass all white cards and get an extra sextant.
    2. We pass all yellow cards and get an extra sextant.
    3. We pass all red cards and get an extra sextant.
    4. We pass the quest line and get an additional sextant.

    Here is the list of properties (changes) of sextants (with

    1. 1 additional unique topic falls from a unique boss
    2. 30% increase in the number of items found on unidentified cards
      Objects are identified in the identified maps
      15% increase in group size in unidentified maps
    3. The monster with the property of Nemesis, additional currency falls: 3
    4. In the area you can meet 1 additional invasion chief
    5. 20% increase the speed of the player and the monster
      20% increase in monster attack speed
      20% increase in monster creation speed
    6. In the region you can meet additional monsters, damage damage
      Players and monsters are increased by 10% damage from fire
    7. You can find additional monsters in the area that deal cold damage
      Players and monsters are damaged by cold by 10%
    8. In the region you can meet additional monsters, damage damage
      Players and monsters are increased by 10% lighted damage
    9. In the area, you can meet additional monsters who appreciate physical harm
      Players and monsters get 10% physical damage
    10. In the area, you can meet additional monsters using Damage Chaos
      Players and monsters are increased by 10% damage chaos
    11. Area contains airflow
    12. Flaws fell from unique monsters
    13. Card has 20% quality
      Unique boss damage increased 20%
    14. The quality of this card also applies to items found rarely.
      A unique boss has a 20% health increase
    15. Players are considered 100% damage while in one location
      Players will receive an increased amount of 10% while in one place
    16. Monsters and players gain the effects of Combat Fury if a blow was recently received
      100% increase the effect of fighting rage on players and monsters
    17. Combined in the region
    18. You can meet in the area
    19. Learn in the area are desecrated

      Lars in the field of at least rare
    20. With unique bosses from desecrated cards, additional object Waal Falls
      Found on the field of items has a 5% chance of getting involved
    21. 30% increase in the size of the spell group
    22. The stray bans are damaged by 20%
      The maximum health road display increased by 20%
      Extra gems fall from stray exile: 2
      1 additional stray exile in the area
    23. Magic cards contain additional magical monsters
      Rare cards contain additional rare monsters
      Conventional cards contain additional common monsters.
    24. Players cannot take reflected damage
      In the area, you can meet additional groups of rare reflected monsters
    25. In the region you will find additional heaps of mysterious barrels: 30
    26. Larts monsters increase the number of objects by 500%
      Lerters monsters are in a state of anger
      There is an additional coffin in the area
    27. Players apply 10% damage for each effect of poison on them
      Players' speed increases by 5% for each effect of the poison on them
      You can encounter additional poisonous monsters in the region
    28. You can meet persecuted traitors in the area
    29. In the area you can meet additional monsters that will be addressed during the murder
    30. Players instantly restore health and mana from bottles
      In the region, you can meet additional monsters that are healing
    31. A unique boss accompanies the bodyguard
      After completion of the region, an additional card is dropped
    32. 20% weaken the effect of curses on monsters
      60% weakened the effect of curses on players
    33. In the area you will find less
      In the region, they can make mistakes
    34. In the area you will find the abyss
      In the area you can meet additional abysses
    35. A desecrated topic falls from a unique boss
    36. 20% increase in the number of objects that fall off a unique boss
    37. There is a master in the area

    Atlas are visible white, yellow and red maps visible. Seconds, just like cards, are divided into three types: white, yellow, and red. They are called student sexts, subset subsets or master sexs. Sexts of the Student are placed on white cards, Sestruktionsgüter the subset - on white and yellow, Master Sexts - on each. At the same time, the modes obtained on the cards depend on their tires, there are mods that can only be obtained on red cards with the wizards Sexs.

    With disruptive means you can significantly increase the number of drills on the cards. For example, we are Farmra babies and regularly throw the sexts away on it (and on the cards next to it). Because of the sextant limit, we don't get a trick with blocking unnecessary properties and frequent proc.

    How to configure the atlas in the example of the map memory (vault)

    First you need to understand that if we run a memory with a fully open atlas with a fully open atlas, we will encounter:

    1. We will keep dropping other open T9 cards
    2. We will fall open cards under the tir.
    3. We will fall on a map above the tire (the one is related to the repository, namely the fruit garden (orchard) map).

    All of this follows from the basic mechanics of the Atlas, which we described in paragraph 1.

    The first thing to do is cut the drops of unnecessary cards

    Unfortunately we cannot remove the cards

    But with the remaining points the question is resolved

    The first thing you need to do is clear all other T9 maps from the atlas. For that you need a kind of kindergarten.

    How to get the motherboard print:

    1. If we hide a white card, you will have to give three white sextants and a purification sphere to the dealer
    2. If we are hiding a yellow card, you will have to give a dealer three yellow sextants and a cleaning ball
    3. If we hide a red card, you will have to hand over three red sex traffickers and one ball of cleansing

    Accordingly, we hide yellow cards in our case. We get the pressure and throw them on the cards.

    Next we need to get rid of the T10 orchard. Applying the creator's scope (Sheer Orb) solves this problem. It becomes T15 and doesn't bother us anymore. However, if the T10 card should drop, the system will see that there is no suitable option and give us t9. And after all other T9 cards have been canceled, we're left alone - this is the repository you need.

    We have thus completed the necessary setting of the atlas in order to minimize the drop in unnecessary maps.

    Mechanics blocking modifications to structuring agents.

    This is the theory that is now practicable in practice because of the limit of sextants. But the knowledge can be useful.

    Take the repository back. In our case, if we give a sextant for the repository card, it will be implemented for another 6 cards. It follows that the sextants that we kang on these 6 cards will also act on the repository. So we can have a maximum of 7 modifications of sextants on this card.

    Now move on to an important point

    You can control fashion on the card you need, you need. This is possible as the following rule works in the atlas:

    A card cannot operate two identical modifiers at the same time

    What does it mean in practice?

    In the screen pane below, I noticed two cards next to the repository (Tresory) that their secret attractions are being added. Modifications:

    In this example, if a Modifier 1 model is present on the Geode-MAP, it cannot appear in a sextant on the overgrown Ruin map, as this means that bulged, bulged of these maps affect steps.

    This example shows that you can influence the map through a map.

    We introduce definitions for an even better understanding.

    Let's take a card from the vault.

    Then these cards are an inner circle so that your secant can get to the safe card.

    And these cards that live with their Secant up to at least 1 inner circle of cards, but do not come to the safe card - an external circle.

    We satisfy unnecessary changes that we use with an external circle. The principle of such. On the maps of an external circle, we try to isolate those changes that we are not interested in. That is, what doesn't give us additional monsters and therefore doesn't give us more drepa on the map.

    These modifications are not on the cards of the inner circle or on the card itself. And we have significantly increased chances of narrative useful and good changes (from a pharmaceutical point of view).

    Why is it useful:

    1. In fact, we save the number of sextants. Less sextant merges into the pipe due to bad mods. There's a huge difference in spending a sextant on a useful mod. or crap.
    2. There are a lot of modifiers in the repository, and when they are all (or most) useful, the number of drills on the Cigrix map increases.

    It is important to understand the understanding - the storage runs three times, the internal structures will disappear. And the estate of the external circle will be preserved and will continue to block bad changes.

    In Realities 3.4 in theory, you can throw 2-3 seconds in the outer circle and leave a few inside - it looks dubious, but if you're running a run and tightening the card, why not.

    Ring old

    Not relevant in 3.4

    The old ring is a chain of cards under the influence of the old one. This is what the ring looks like:

    Starting with a 3.3 ring is irrelevant. Next we will write why. Below is the text about the ring itself in case it becomes relevant again. If you're not flying at all, read about the ring as there are principles that still work. If you're shaky, you can click through that wall of text by clicking 3.3 on the urgent material.

    It is created in such a way that almost all of these cards can run indefinitely, constantly holding the influence of the old on them. It is necessary that you can keep your favorite cards constantly with an increased size of groups of monsters, more than the drop (including cards), as well as pharmacy rare old items to find something interesting, or just collect new sets on the shards.

    It is worth understanding that if you find the ring then it means that you are not a student of the ancient ones. Since the old man's murder, his zone will disappear.

    Basic laws of the zone of the old (older):

    • The old should always be linked to its keepers
    • Maximum number of cards in an old zone - 30
    • Once your older zone reaches 20 cards, Elder and his Guardians will appear there who will stay in their places until you confuse them.

    It is worth understanding that the old and his keepers are maximized as much as possible, trying to appear as close as possible on high-ranking maps. How they appear on the atlas depends on whether or not we can create a ring.

    In order not to be in this moment, you need to do the following:

    Don't get into the zone of influence of an old card with 4 or more links (like everyone's favorite store). The fact is that when we create the ring, we need to create a gap.

    If you grab the 4-link card, it can sit on it, and on any of the Keeper's linked cards. We will not tear the keeper from the ancient (break a short connection in the length of a card)

    However, if you catch a card with 3 connections, I'll sit on it. Older, 3 keepers on the adjacent cards, and another keeper - by a card from the old one (that is, it is assigned to one of the keepers). And if we kill that Guardian it's linked to, and that card will spin under the action of the Shaper - there will be a pause. And that the keeper who was through the card is connected to the old one through the entire ring (so it is to break the links in the chain - after a pause from the point and only to the point.

    In the middle was the place of the keeper. He was killed, the card was under the influence of the shaper. It can be seen that between the blue circle (where the ancient world) and the guards are at the bottom right, there are no ways-links - as the connection went through the slain Keeper. Thus the connection between the old and the keeper is through the entire ring and according to the laws of the ancient zone it cannot be broken.

    That is why we can do a map in the old zone without fear of everything falling apart.

    Then there will be a very high probability that the Alt will appear on the island.

    When you pull the old zone, do it in parallel in different directions, not just one. People say so less that the desired zone piece falls off in the process.

    As a result, a queue of 8-29 cards with in the beginning and a keeper should be obtained.

    When you move on to practice, the following steps follow.

    1. Plan your ring. In this case, do not neglect in any way, or you will spend a lot of time.
    2. Get the initial zone of influence of the old.
    3. Intelligence in the desired place of the old and his guard.
    4. Create your first ring and open it.
    5. Expand the ring.
    6. Fill in the ring.


    You need to decide in advance which cards will be in your ring. Remember that the ring is 30 cards in length and is connected by continuous tracks (links) a maximum of 29. And remember the queue - each card holds the other two and no different.

    Typical mistakes in this stage:

    1. Capture a 4-port card - the reasons are described above
    2. Don't use the shortest route.This is when you decide to roll along the way to pick up some delicious cards and what it actually turns out to be is not walking in a straight line but making an incomprehensible hook.

    Galya says that he neglected planning and dissatisfaction with his ring) anyway, it won't hurt to understand the principles of his formation.

    The initial zone of the influence of the old

    You can try something indirectly on your primary spoon. To bring the original zone of elderly influence, for example to the eighth cards, execute the eighth cards. He will endeavor to be born on those tears of cards that you run into this moment.

    Old man and his guards

    Drag the starting zone in different directions until it reaches 20 cards. And at this moment it is desirable to prepare an island for its settlement.

    Do you remember one, despite all the EAFRD preferences, it still appears randomly. In this case there is still a lot by chance.

    And there can be moments when no shaper map in the desired direction is not next to the zone of the old direction, simply one of the shaper maps expires, then the picture on the atlas changes and will change and most likely a map will be added to the old zone.

    Create a small ring

    First we do a little ring, as you pass the cards, there are a lot of unnecessary cards in the older zone that need to be cropped, but again not everything.

    Better to add a card in the right direction, and then cut off an unnecessary one and so on.

    The shaper also selects many cards along the housing and reduces several cards at the same time. So it is better to start with a small ring. After the small ring is complete, you must open it in the shortest possible way between the elders and the guard on the ring.

    This is the last loophole that we talked about at the beginning.

    Ring expansion.

    The bottom line is to add small areas, cut off an excess.

    Carefully make sure Elder is not taking a gap card (this is the card we paused through).

    Gali was a card of chance. She ran several times when she fell under his action as she stretched the ring. So nothing terrible if she suddenly falls under the influence of the old case.

    Also, keep cutting off the side cards that pave the way in undesirable directions. It is very important.

    Completion of the ring

    When your main line is laid it will take up about 27-29 cards. You should cut these cards that weren't fundamental to us before. For example, there was a desired process that does not interfere, that does not interfere.

    Remember, you cannot execute cards with Keepers. Farm rings and farm olds - these are mutually exclusive things.

    Original Hyde from Ring von Gali:

    What's new after 3.3

    We will wait for such unpleasant surprises:

    1. Shaper has become more aggressive. That said, it often pushes out an old card.
    2. The old man and his guardians now have no anchors as they did before. If we build a ring and we won't touch them - they will just accept and fit. Along with the entire sphere of influence. Clear.

    So if there used to be an old ring, now it is better to do either a square or a rectangle. That said, we need a bold area so that the shaper doesn't stop it.

    There is no elder and guard in the square. However, there is a stable zone.

    On average, a dozen cards are received in such a square. Sheper won't be able to spoil everything in one go because the square is thick. Because of this, the stability of the zone is achieved.


    Quest line

    Quest line must be required. Without it, all conditions are not carried out for the appearance of the uber-old. You will not collect all realms of the Creator.

    It starts with the end of the landscape. You talk to the epilogue in an epilogue, go to the priests' laboratory, do the card with the card with the card, pass it, talk to her again - and the first quest is done.

    The first memories can only be obtained from cards of 6 Tira under the influence of a Shaper.

    Maps on which memories can be preserved are shown in a blue circle on the atlas.

    All memories are obtained in chronological order. As each store increases the requirement for accommodating the card, it is worth extracting "lower Tir" first and then higher.

    It is important - all other memories (the meaning except the first) are obtained from cards under the influence of the old man.

    After getting the first 10 memories, we need an old one and his guards on the map. The remaining memories must be received from them - killing the guards first, and then old ones. And they should be on the red cards. Some say that it is inaccurate, and if some type of security guard has settled down a little awful on a yellow card - but better its appearance to the maximum on the red.

    It is important - in murdering the old one, the creator should not die. If he played in the box, the fragment of memories will not give!

    After the first victory over the champion, the key will fall from it. The key opens the secret room in the priests' laboratory. There is an old ball that allows you to second any card at T16.

    Well then the final assignment with Uber-Alt. We have to kill him. After that, the quest line ends.

    Fashion Zana.

    MF Correlle so that the agricultural mistakes are not the same. But it is still worth downloading up to 8 levels.

    List of mods in category 3.4.0 this is:

    • Level 2: Fury (cost 2 of the Orb of Chaos): 20% increase in attack speed, creation of charms and movement of monsters. 20% increase in the number of items found in this area.
    • Level 3: Pedigree (Cost 3 of the Orb of Chaos): All groups of magical monsters are owned by pedigrees, more magical monsters in the area.
    • Level 4: Ambush (Cost 3 of the Orb of Chaos): In the region you can find additional Lars: 3.
    • Level 4: Good Luck Bold Fagomol (Cost 3 of the Orb of Chaos): Chooses a random property from the current list, including properties that are not yet open.
    • Level 4: Another card of the same level (Chaos Orb cost 1): Requires a rare card. Opens a random rash card with the same level except for the card you placed in the motherboard.
    • Level 5: Incomiere (cost 4 of the Coex of Chaos): The enemies killed close to each other can attract monsters from another world, 20% increase in the number of objects found in the item.
    • Level 6: Entity (cost 4 of the area of ​​chaos): In the area you can meet additional entities: 2.
    • Level 6, available after finding 5 memories: A modified level 1-5 card (Cost 2 of Orb of Chaos): Requires a rare card. Opens a rare version of your map on 5 levels above, with random properties.
    • Level 7: Nemesis (costs 5 of the Orbs of Chaos): Every rare monster has a nemesis trait, more rare monsters in the area.
    • Level 7, available after finding 10 memories: A modified level 1-10 card (cost 6 of Chaos Orbs): Requires a rare card. Opens a rare version of your map on 5 levels above, with random properties and a chance to desecrate.
    • Level 8: Forehead (cost 6 of the Orbs of Chaos): In the area you will find additional precursors: 3.
    • Level 8 is available after obtaining the Ancient Orb: an older level of 1-15 (cost 15 of the Orbs of Chaos): Requires a rare card. Opens a rare version of your level 16 map 16 with random properties and a chance to desecrate.

    Most of all, we are interested in fashions for bugs, since there are a lot of monsters, a lot of drills. This is the most useful mod. At least the number of items cut, MF Correlle - still there are plenty of them there. Yes, and collect shards too.

    The rest of the mods are great for either the fanatic, or if you want to get a unique theme from past leagues that otherwise can't be obtained (other than buying to other players).

    So you can pump up to 8 levels quickly. It is done quickly with the help of the chat 820 (for the transition to there - command / global 820 if you are up to date in English, / global 820 de if in Russian). There people are divided among themselves by the daily tasks of the masters and the tasks of masters on the cards for fast pump masters. There are two options, or people write that you open the masters for free (free) or people look for a rotation (LF Rota Ellreon / Zana / Haku).

    Rotation is the best way to pump your masters. Before joining the group, check that you answer the requirements (level of your master), and rightly you have not yet completed the daily task. After the full group is gathered, the leader writes in the executives in what order, in what order you open the daily tasks (order). Separately, it is worth noting that the sense of rotation when pumping masters, so that the players, following the task of the master, go to the next without finishing the boss, do not pass the tests of Uber Laba and TD.

    Uber old (Uber Elder)

    In order for it to appear, you need to perform the following conditions:

    1. Collect all of the Creator's memories as part of the quest line
    2. Kill the Sheper as part of the quest line

    You must pass the cards under the influence of the old (T15) that is adjacent to the custodian. Once you do this, Shaper will affect all Guardians.

    After that we pass the next keeper (one closer to whom we passed T15) and then contaminated with him. Then go through the remaining ones in any order.

    Once you do this, all of the Guardians will change to the Old One's Guardians. And in the Creator's possessions there will be Uber-Elder.

    The Chimera card appears physical Guvard, on the hydraulic is a poisonous, fiery on the Phoenix and electric on the Minotaur.

    Kill guardians, well, and then pass on to uber-olds.

    Was Hyde useful? Show it to your friends)

    A compelling request for inaccuracies to cast either in a personal or in comments, evidence is required. Unfortunately (or luckily) I haven't seen all of the content myself.

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