What is DubLi

What is DubLi?

What is DubLi?

DubLi (http://dubli.com) has been around since 2003, initially it was an auction house, and since 2009 DubLi has developed into a cashback portal. Cashback shopping and cashback travel (Booking.com, Expedia, Priceline, Agoda, etc. with cashback!) Are the central theme of the portal.
In addition, DubLi offers its users other free services such as e-mail, cloud storage space, in the entertainment area (music, videos, games). DubLi stands behind DubLi Inc. (USA, http://dubli-inc.com) and its founder Michael Hansen.

DubLi is now a globally operating cashback provider; national DubLi shopping malls are currently being offered in the USA, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Great Britain and Denmark - DubLi also offers the only global cashback shopping mall on the Internet. This global DubLi Mall can be used by users from all over the world; only shops that ship worldwide are listed here. From September 2013 the national DubLi malls will be further expanded, followed by Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Canada and India.

Membership at DubLi is basically free of charge, so all of the additional services mentioned at the beginning can be used free of charge. There is also the option of subscribing to a paid membership package of € 4.95 / month or € 99 / year (DubLi VIP membership) - the subscription can be canceled at any time without giving reasons. If you opt for one of these two packages, you get additional cashback and can use all services in an extended form.

Now that we've given you the most important background information, let's take a closer look at DubLi. We have tested the DubLi Cashback Portal for you.

The German Cashback Shopping Mall at Dubli has around 1,500 shops. There are also those shops in the global DubLi Shopping Mall that deliver to Germany, as well as the providers from the DubLi Cashback Travel area. All in all, DubLi has around 3,500 online shops, which no other online cashback provider can do.

Conclusion: The purely German DubLi Mall has an average of many shops, but DubLi can make up for this with a global shopping mall or its own cashback travel area and thus creates an absolute top value.

When it comes to cashback, DubLi is at the top after a large number of comparisons. Users who are already free of charge can look forward to cashback greater than 40%. Users who choose a DubLi Premium or VIP package receive additional cashback of 4% or 6% on every purchase. The amount of cashback at DubLi varies greatly from industry and shop. Our tests have shown that Dubli is mostly at the top cashback level.

Conclusion: DubLi is also at the forefront when it comes to cashback. More than 40% cashback for free users is an announcement. The average cashback is around 10%. Premium users and DubLi VIPs get 4 or 6% on top.

Why is DubLi so popular?

DubLi is at the forefront of the German-speaking cashback scene when it comes to shop selection and cashback. In addition, Dubli impresses with its additional offers, which are unique in this variety.
DubLi is still relatively unknown in German-speaking countries. Anyone who regularly purchases online, books trips over the Internet and regularly uses online services, should definitely try out and use DubLi. It is also worth becoming a DubLi Premium or VIP customer.

DubLi website: http://dubli.com

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