The earth's magnetosphere weakens

Dr. Wiebke Salzmann

Michaela, the assistant for everything philosophical and psychological, yoga and wellness. Chronically hairless, she loves everything chaotic and creative and therefore naturally wants to have life in the universe.
Luzie, the assistant from the basement, responsible for everything flammable and explosive, is the destruction of all order and symmetry and the ruin of the nerves of her colleagues.
Laplacie, the Laplace demon who, as a hard-working student assistant, always ensures order and for whom only quantum mechanics is worse than the meeting of all three colleagues.
God, the boss who, with unshakable calm, directs his colleagues and their work to where he wants them to go, to functioning physics and, at some point, the emergence of bacteria, jellyfish, rhinos and other living beings.
Gabrielawho have favourited Science Assistant. Always exactly coiffed, she considers highly symmetrical states to be the epitome of beauty and is skeptical, if not to say deeply disgusted, with the idea of ​​letting life and the chaos in the universe arise with it.

“Boss, look, I think it's frozen solid.” Laplacie knelt in front of a Michaela-shaped hole in the snow, at the bottom of which Michaela was lying.
"Oh. She jumped off the iceberg after all. Well then we should thaw them. Luzie? Would you have a moment? "
"Huh? Must stir! What is it about? "
"The colleague would need a hell of a burst of fire." God pointed into the hole. Luzie glanced inside and scratched her horns. “Are they doing there? But that's the same. "
She got her flamethrower and after three seconds the thawed colleague appeared, slightly fogged and with singed wings.
“Can I keep stirring now? Is‘n a cool job, the stirrer in the liquid core of the earth. Big currents flow and create big magnetic fields. "
Luzie disappeared in the volcano, Michaela sank in admiration for the northern lights, and Gabriela came rushing up like a fury. “What is happening here? Why doesn't she move? "
“But, but, my esteemed colleague - she is touching! It's all right! Can you see it!"
"Okay? Nothing is OK! Here are stripes! ”Gabriela dragged God to the mid-ocean ridge and pointed to the newly formed ocean floor. God divided the sea, he and Laplacie obediently stared at the bottom, but it took God a while to understand what the colleague meant. “Oh, you mean the different directions of magnetization in the new rock? On the older ocean floor, the magnetization of the rock faces north. And recently it has been pointing south. Hm. Since the colleague interrupted her touching work for a rescue mission, to be precise. But doesn't it really matter in which direction the earth's magnetic field is pointing? And such a striped pattern looks really pretty. "
“It doesn't matter here, nothing! And certainly not my field should constantly change direction! Because that is exactly what the different magnetization of the rock means. It contains iron. The rock, I mean. As long as the rock is liquid, the magnetic moments of the iron atoms are mobile and are aligned by the earth's magnetic field. They maintain this orientation as the rock cools and solidifies. This gives the rock a magnetization. This means that if the rock is magnetized this way and that way, the field that aligned the atoms must have changed its direction. Where would we be if everyone did that! LUZIE !!! "
"What now again? Can't you stir in peace for a second? ”Luzie shuffled over, the mixing spoon in tow. "Look at that! What did you think? Can't you stir evenly in one direction? "
Luzie crouched down beside the mid-ocean ridge and looked at the stripes. "Yes, would you prefer points? Will I be able to bet? "
"NO!" Gabriela's hand twitched to pull her hair, but at the last second could be prevented by its owner from such undisciplined behavior. “I don't want any points. I want a steady magnetic field! Order! ORDER!"
Luzie frowned. "Uncool, that."
Laplacie tugged at God's robe. “Actually, I also think that order is better, but if the earth's magnetic field changes direction from time to time, it must first become weaker and weaker and then gradually build up again in the new direction. Then there would be times with a weak field and no field at all. Then there would be a lot more radiation that would reach the ground. And ..."
Gabriela stared at him. “You mean the living things could be destroyed? Luzie, what do you think of changing direction more frequently? About every few months? "
"Uh, well, I was thinking more of a higher mutation rate and thus faster evolution ..."
God wiped his beard. “Evolution, that's good. We'll leave that with extinction. So maybe we should reverse the polarity of the earth's field every few hundred thousand years. Luzie, why don't you make a mixing plan? Not too regularly. But that's not that difficult for you. "

© Wiebke Salzmann, June 2009

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