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Interview hairstyle: small trick, big effect

Which hairstyle goes best with the application photo and interview? Admittedly, the question is perhaps not the most central one in the application process. Hardly any HR manager would choose a candidate according to this (except maybe a hairdresser). But hair and hairstyles - just like clothing - unconsciously influence the proverbial first impression. And that either creates a coherent overall impression - or a disruptive feeling. In fact, even science comes into things Job interview hairstyle to amazing results ...

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Hairstyle tips for the job interview

What applies to the application photo applies even more to the job interview: Regardless of where your counterpart looks first - the conversation will last the longest face see - and thus has the Head and forelock always in view.

It goes without saying that the head of hair must then be freshly washed, never lank or greasy. But which hairstyle should women choose, especially with long hair (men usually have less choice)? An open one Whale mane or rather Ponytail? A Updo, one Braid or a kesse Foehn wave?

The Mannheim sociologist Anke von Rennenkampff researched this for her doctorate. Clear result: Regardless of whether you are an applicant - with Attributes that are considered typically masculine, candidates often have better chances of getting the job. This is even more true for women than for men:

  • At combed back or pinned up hair the HR managers assumed that the applicants were significantly more competent and intelligent than candidates with open whale hair.
  • This is confirmed, among other things, by a survey by the Australian hairdressing salon chain "Bossy Hair". Women worked here, their own Hair tied in a ponytail had, promptly, more competently on the observer than their fellow with hair down. 73 percent of the respondents even admitted to including their hair (hairstyle, color, styling) in the evaluation of the professionalism of a colleague.
  • Women with short hairAccording to a study by Yale University, the majority perceive them to be intelligent and self-confident.
  • Dark, long curls on the other hand, the results were worse: the majority considered their wearers to be insecure and naive.

So if you have long hair, it is worth the little trick of tying your hair into a ponytail, (peasant) braid or bun or choosing a subtle updo before the interview.

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Job interview: the right hairstyle for men

For men, on the other hand, the most important thing is that they have hair at all: bald people are less likely to be trusted at work. This is what Saarbrücken scientists found out. Applicants were also with Half bald or bald head Invited to interview significantly less often. In addition, the test subjects rated them as less career-oriented and less creative.

The real one hairstyle does not play a role in men. The following applies: the main thing washed and cared for

And for everyone who is already at an advanced level Hair loss suffer: The above applies primarily to the job interview. Later in the job it looks completely different again ...

Albert Mannes, a management professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a bald man himself, came up with the idea for his study after shaving off the very few hairs left on his head when he was in his mid-thirties. Now he introduced a few Experiments at. Again and again he showed his around 60 test persons manipulated pictures of men with different types of hair - from full hair to shaved bald heads.

It was always the same men, of course - only their hairstyles were changed with Photoshop. The participants should now assess the men, their attractiveness as well as their supposed ones Leadership skills, their strengths or self-confidence. Result: The bald heads were classified as more dominant, more self-confident and masculine in the job - compared to taller men with full hair as much as 13 percent stronger.

Application hairstyle: beautiful hair on the application photo

The application photo is the first visual impression a HR manager gets of you. Of course, your appearance is not decided, but you understandably want from the start self-confident, personable, professional and well-groomed appear to make the best possible first impression and perhaps improve your chances of getting the job. In addition to the outfit, a good picture of the photographer and a friendly smile, the application hairstyle also plays a role, which is prominently staged in the photo.

But which application hairstyle should you choose in the photo? The simple answer: For your own! Don't make the mistake of depicting something in the photo and through your hairstyle that they are not. Authenticity usually pays off and helps you to show yourself from the side in which you are really comfortable.

A completely new application hairstyle is only recommended if you really stand behind it and feel completely comfortable with it. If you are unsure yourself, you should contact yours Hairdresser or the application photographer speak. Both have experience in this area and can contribute their knowledge. In this way, your hairdresser can tell you what suits you and your hair type, while the photographer, on the other hand, knows what to look for in the picture and which hairstyles are best for your application.

First of all, your application hairstyle should be in the photo neat and tidy look. Uncombed hair or a mess on your head can make it seem like you haven't tried too hard. In the best case scenario, go to the hairdresser first and have the photo taken immediately afterwards.

Are there NoGos when it comes to application hairstyles?

To speak of NoGos when it comes to application hairstyles would probably go too far. However, you should be aware that the hairstyle plays a role in the application and in the interview, and it certainly plays a role in that Evaluation and final selection of a recruiter is included. After all, the hairstyle is an expression of personality and as such influences the image that emerges in your counterpart.

Means for you: You can choose any application hairstyle, but in the worst case this can a disadvantage for you be. The industry and the profession for which you are applying naturally play a major role, but in many areas too colorful and too crazy is not a good idea. As a rule of thumb, you can remember that the more classic the industry, the more classic the application hairstyle should be. As an insurance broker, if you have bright pink or blue hair, you will find little approval from recruiters.

Colored hair is basically not a problem as long as the new one Head of hair, of course works. Blonde is perceived by many as self-confident and professional - without even knowing the person in question. Redheads have a harder time, they tend to be less trusted and less competent. However, it always depends on the personal perception of the HR manager. Those who prefer red hair or perhaps share the hair color themselves will see it with completely different eyes.

Application hairstyles make the best impression seem more masculine. This applies to women as well, and perhaps even more so than to male applicants. Applicants with short hairstyles are often perceived as more competent, as in the study mentioned above. But not every woman has to go to the hairdresser when looking for a job in order to have her hair cut shorter.

With Updos or a braid the effect can also be achieved without having to say goodbye to long hair.

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