May women blotchy beards

This helps with irregular beard growth

Some are annoyed with daily shaving or are happy about your bushy beard - others are envied for it, because with some men the beard grows only sparsely and offers hardly any opportunities for trendy beard styling. Or does it? There are many remedies against irregular beard growth.

Masculinity, adventure, contour and character - a beautiful beard stands for many positive aspects, but what if unsightly gaps in the beard become noticeable or the beard hair does not want to sprout? Sometimes the beard is dense on the upper lip and chin, but less on the cheeks. It is also possible that only the sideburns are thin or that there is no seamless transition between beard and scalp hair. The reasons for uneven beard growth can also be very different.

Where does the irregular beard come from?

Often it is already noticeable in puberty that the beard is not growing properly. If the beard doesn't get thicker in your twenties, it may be predisposition. Father and grandpa are probably no better. Other reasons for uneven beard growth can be vitamin, nutrient or testosterone deficiencies. It is quite normal that the level of this hormone falls due to age and the hair roots are no longer quite as strong. Nevertheless, something can be done about it at any age.

Concealing beard shapes

So that the irregular beard growth is not noticeable, you should choose a suitable beard shape. A barber or barber can advise you impartially. With a three-day beard, for example, it is hardly noticeable if the hair does not grow evenly. If the hair is only thinned on the sideburns and cheeks, you can dare to wear a schnauzer or wear a so-called goatee around your mouth and chin. However, if there are many gaps or hardly any beard growth, you should prefer a close shave.

Beard shapes that don't work at all

Much does not help much: you cannot cover up irregularities with a full beard, any honest person will advise against that. Due to the gaps, the beard looks unkempt and unfortunately at first glance. Likewise, you should not dye the hair darker if the beard growth is irregular. This only makes the gaps appear even more. Incidentally, this also applies if you have scars on your face that no longer have hair growing on them.

Helping beard growth caring for the jumps

If you want to actively stimulate beard growth, there are a number of options that you can try out for yourself - ideally in combination. Take care of your beard and use an exfoliator to keep the hairs from growing in. The hair root can be stimulated by good blood circulation when combing and brushing.

More nutrients for more beard

There are also many care products, lotions and tablets available on the market that are intended to improve hair growth. These include, for example, minoxidil, which is generally intended to turn soft downy hair into firm hair. Many dietary supplements with vitamins, minerals and natural substances such as zinc, silica and biotin advertise their effects on hair growth. However, with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, you can usually achieve the same thing.
In any case, there is no such thing as a miracle cure, and a few pills alone are not enough. You have to try out for yourself whether one of the methods works for you. At least most of the natural products are not harmful. Nevertheless, ask your doctor if you are unsure.

Hormone Therapy for Beard Growth?

A family doctor or urologist will do a blood test to determine whether there is a testosterone deficiency. The reasons for this are wide-ranging and have not yet been completely unraveled by science. One thing is clear, however: no doctor will prescribe testosterone therapy just because of the sparse beard growth, and serious health problems must also be added. In addition, such a therapy is also associated with risks, for example too much testosterone sometimes causes the hair to fall out. Whether the herbal alternative "Tribulus Terrestris" actually has positive effects on testosterone deficiency has not yet been scientifically proven - long-term studies on tolerability are still lacking.
However, it goes a long way without medication: Exercise, an active love life and a reduction in belly fat should be helpful measures in many cases to raise the testosterone level again.

The beard transplant

It's not just celebrities who have their head and beard hair transplanted - it's worth it for many men with irregular beards. In an interview with ICON style magazine, specialist Bruce Reith from the Kö-Klinik in Düsseldorf revealed that a beard transplant for a voluminous beard costs around 7,000 euros. The hair for this is removed from the back of the head when it is still strong enough. The new beard hair grows from the transplanted roots within about three months and, according to the clinic, lasts a lifetime.