How are you doing a dichotomy

dichotomy, the


The usual dichotomy of war and peace is making way for an intermediate state of “neither nor nor” which may become a permanent burden on our future. [Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 04.03.2000]

What is striking is the dichotomy, the "dichotomy", of Mars. The northern and southern hemisphere clearly differ, whereby one can speak of the lowlands of the north and the highlands of the south. [Mars, 01.08.2013, accessed on 09.02.2016]

We always need help. Either as a child or as an old man. And in between there is a time when most of us are not disabled. So there is no dichotomy between handicapped and not handicapped, but only between handicapped and temporarily not handicapped. [Die Zeit, 22.09.2011, No. 38]

[...] the system is always bipolar, it always works through opposites. Not only private / public, but also: the house and the city, exception and rule, government and rule, etc. But in order to understand what this is really about, we have to learn not to see these oppositions as dichotomies, but as bipolarities, as tension. [Süddeutsche Zeitung, April 6, 2004]

The thesis is [...] that the criterion of legitimate authority within every ruling association in principle allows the separation of positions into those who share in this authority and those who are excluded from it. In contrast to other aspects of social inequality, power relations always establish a dichotomy, not a continuum of positions. [Dahrendorf, Ralf: Social classes and class conflict in industrial society, Stuttgart: Enke 1957, p. 142]