Why isn't Azealia Banks more famous

Twitter in shock: Azealia Banks cooks the remains of her cat


Scandal rapper Azealia Banks has dug up her cat, who died three months ago, and announced: "She will be brought to life!"

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  • Scandal rapper Azealia Banks (29) is causing a stir again.

  • This time because she dug up the remains of her cat, which had been dead for months, to cook.

  • Years ago, the American stated that she practiced magic.

  • More controversies from Azealia can be found in the photo gallery above.

US rapper Azealia Banks (29) disturbed the Internet with creepy videos this week. In her Instagram story, she published clips in which she dug up a sack with the remains of her cat, who died three months ago, with bare hands and then brings it to a boil in a pot.

“Many of you don't know that Lucifer, my cat, died three months ago. We had to bury them underground and now we are digging them out for the first time. It will be brought to life! ”Announced the scandalous musician to her 688,000 Instagram followers.

Shortly afterwards, Azealia deleted the horror content again - enough people on the net had already seen it and the 29-year-old then trended on Twitter. “Azealia Banks dug up her cat and cooked it. 2021 will probably not be our year, ”tweeted one account.

This is what Azealia's cat should look like when it looks down from the sky:

“If you have dinner at Azealia Banks and she tells you what you are eating,” jokes this Twitter user.

The rapper has previously described herself as a witch and in an interview with “Broadly Vice” revealed that her interest was aroused by her mother, who is said to have practiced white magic.

In later Instagram stories it turns out that Azealia probably didn't want to bring her cat back to life, as originally stated. She just seems to have prepared and boiled her cat's skull. In her Insta story, she later shares a photo of the result.

“People who listen to Stevie Nicks and collect cat skulls from Etsy to look like vintage witches are fine - but Azealia, who collects her own cat skulls, goes too far?” Defends the rapper on a Twitter account.

On Wednesday, Azealia also commented on the uproar about her videos. "Why do you think that I would eat a dead cat if I can barely eat a dead cow?" Said the American in her story. “It's called taxidermy. There are a lot of hunters who hang preserved deer skulls on their walls. You people are racist. "

She goes on to explain: “The cat's head is soaked in peroxide to clean it completely, then I take it to a jewelry store to have it gilded. Lucifer was an icon. It deserves to be preserved. "

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