What is the meaning of the bed

Requirements for the bed for sound sleep

Around half of all people in industrialized nations sleep poorly. This is the result of a study in which people in six industrialized countries were asked about their sleep behavior. Bad sleep or too little sleep makes you sick in the long run. It has been scientifically proven. An important prerequisite for healthy sleep is a good and above all suitable bed. The bed includes in particular:

  • Bed frame
  • Slatted frame
  • mattress

All three components form a unit and must therefore be coordinated with one another.

What dimensions should a bed have?

Your height determines the length of your bed. The bed should be about 8 to 12 inches longer than they are tall. If the bed is too short, the body automatically adopts an evasive position while you sleep and you pull your legs up, for example. However, such postures can interfere with sleep.

The width of the bed depends on whether you sleep in it alone or with your partner. For one person alone, a bed should be at least three feet wide. For two people, the bed should be at least 160 centimeters wide. In principle, a bed should be too big rather than too small. If in doubt and if you have enough space, you should opt for a larger variant.

The third important dimension of a bed is its height. By default, it is 50 centimeters. For most people, this height is appropriate. With lower beds, people with back or knee problems can find it difficult to get up.

Slatted frame and mattress

For optimal sleeping comfort, the slatted frame and mattress must be coordinated with one another. The best mattress is of no use if it lies on an inferior or saggy slatted frame. Depending on the combination of mattress type and slatted frame, the respective components have a different meaning. With foam and latex mattresses, the slatted frame is largely responsible for the lying properties. In contrast, the slatted frame is of secondary importance with innerspring mattresses.

The bed frame - preferably made of wood

Traditionally, beds are made of wood. For good reason. Wooden beds are versatile and have numerous positive properties that support a healthy sleep:

  • Indoor climate and atmosphere: Thanks to its moisture-regulating properties, wood has a positive influence on the room climate. In addition, the natural material creates a pleasant and natural atmosphere in the bedroom. Stone pine is considered to be extremely beneficial for beds. It contains special essential oils that are said to promote a good and restful sleep.
  • Metal-free construction: Solid wood beds can be built completely without metal. This also has the advantage that you reduce electrosmog in your bedroom. Electrosmog is also a possible cause of poor sleep.

Your local carpenter or carpenter will advise you on the selection of a suitable bed in which you can sleep well and healthily. He will make your dream bed entirely according to your wishes. In our specialist company search you will find a partner at your location!


The bed has a decisive influence on the quality of sleep. The size, slatted frame and mattress must be coordinated and adapted to your needs. Beds made of wood benefit from the positive properties of this natural material.