How long is the Nerf Longstrike

Longshot CS-6

Longshot CS-6

The NERF N-Strike Longshot CS-6 ("Longshot" for short) is a fat rifle that has an adjustable shoulder rest, a detachable barrel extension (which can be used as a single blaster), a rifle scope that doesn't zoom in, but helps a lot with aiming as well 2 fold-out legs that come in handy when you put the weapon down or have it lying down. Unfortunately, the Longshot only has one tactical rail, which is located on the handle. You can store an additional magazine in the shoulder rest. Unfortunately, the Longshot does not shoot as far as expected from a sniper rifle, but still has a decent range.

The Longshot currently costs 60-70 € (80)

The Longshot shoots about 13.1 / 2 meters (but can also vary)

Details [edit | Edit source]

The Longshot has a non-removable base that can be folded up for this purpose. The built-in shoulder rest can hold an extra clip. It also has a telescopic sight so that you can aim precisely.

History [edit | Edit source]

The Longshot was the very first weapon with the clip system. Production stopped in mid-2010 when the Longstrike CS-6 came onto the market. The Longstrike should then cost a stupid $ 225. Now it costs € 60-70 (unlike the Longshot, which is available again).

Color schemes [edit | Edit source]

It came out in the colors blue-yellow (original) and yellow-orange (N-Strike). In the original it came out with 2 yellow unique clips.

Modification [edit | Edit source]

Unfortunately, the Longshot shoots a bit short, which you shouldn't expect from a sniper. But OrangeModWorks or have well-made replacement parts and stronger springs.

Loading and firing Edit source]

To fire, simply pull the repeating lever back, slide it forward and pull the trigger.

Review [edit | Edit source]

Range: It only shoots up to 30 feet, unfortunately, but it's okay

Accuracy: Mini range, but EXTREMELY accurate!

Reliability: The weapon only blocks if it is operated incorrectly.

Rate of fire: Great, she shoots 2 darts per second! Really good for a sniper

Capacity: 12 darts are really good for agile snipers

Even unmodified, the Longshot is really worthwhile, as it embodies a beautiful weapon and the front blaster shoots quite far. Only if you have plasticine in your pocket!