How to build muscle without moving

Muscle loss: the muscles are gone so quickly

Without strength training it’s faster than expected

Have you ever asked yourself after a long break from training: When does my body actually start to lose muscles? First of all, the less good news for you: Without regular training with a lot of weights, your muscles will break down pretty quickly. It starts in the first eight to ten days.

Why does muscle breakdown occur?

When your strong muscles are no longer exposed to new stimuli, they receive the signal that they are no longer needed. True to the motto: "What is no longer needed comes away", your body will no longer maintain your muscle mass and will reduce this source of wasted energy. The unused muscles dissolve into metabolic processes. That sounds alarming, but don't worry: your biceps won't shrink immediately! It is only very special types of muscle fibers that affect the collar, such as the high-speed strength muscles.

The muscle memory effect saves your muscles!

Now for the good news: Your hard-earned and defined muscles don't just vanish into thin air. Your body is a very intelligent machine. Because important information, for example about your previous performance level and muscle volume, remains in the muscle cell nucleus. The memory of your muscles will therefore help you to get back to your old shape twice as quickly as someone who is just starting training.

Strong and defined muscles - at any age!

How can you easily stop muscle loss? By regularly stressing and exhausting your muscles - no matter how old you are! So remember: It's never too late to start exercising and weight training. People lose up to 40 percent of their muscle mass by the age of 80, unless they counteract this early on. Because without regular training, natural muscle breakdown begins at around 30 years of age. So let's get down to the iron! Dare to train with weights and push yourself to the limit!

Muscles make you sexy - and much more!

Strong and defined muscles, sexy curves, increased fat burning, better posture and an anti-aging effect are just a few unbeatable benefits that regular strength training brings with it. Dumbbells, weight machines and fitness circles shape your figure and strengthen your muscles. Regular and intense strength training not only makes you look better, you also feel better.

If you have any questions about strength training or specific exercises, your trainers are always available. And always remember: You are much stronger than you think!