The Easter Bunny visits Australia

Easter in Australia: Easter Bilby or Easter Bunny?

Easter is also celebrated in Australia, because around two thirds of Australians are Christians. We show you how Easter is celebrated in Australia and what is special about these holidays on the red continent.

Easter in Australia - Easter in the fall

Easter is celebrated in Australia on the same date as in Europe - this year in mid-April. However, the Easter holidays fall in the Australian fall. The temperatures at Easter in Australia are pleasant and still warm, but not too hot anymore. The weather is similar to ours at the time, if April didn't always do what it wants 😉

Easter holidays in Australia

The Easter holidays also begin in Australia with a 40-day Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Maundy Thursday before Easter. Lent ends in Australia on Maundy Thursday orHoly Thursday, in German Maundy Thursday. The evening meal is celebrated on this day.

If you are planning your trip to Australia over Easter, you should note that many shops are closed during this time due to the holidays.

Good Fridaywho is in Australia Good Friday is a national holiday. And that day all shops were closed. The crucifixion of Jesus is commemorated on Good Friday, which is why many church services take place, which are also very well attended.

At the Holy Saturday Family celebrations and excursions are often planned in Australia before Easter. Easter in Australia is very popular with families. Large events are also held here in many cities.

At the Easter Sunday and Easter Monday or Bright Monday the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated.

Easter tradition in Australia

As you have already read, the Australian Easter traditions are very similar to those in Europe. But there are some differences.

The day before Ash Wednesday is called in Australia Shrove Tuesday, the Aussies also like to call it theirsPancake Daybecause many eat pancakes that day and feast again before Lent begins in Australia. Easter fire in Australia are strictly prohibited due to the high risk of a bush fire. When preparing for Easter in Australia is that tooColoring or painting Easter eggs very popular. On Easter Sunday, Easter eggs are hidden and children then look for them.

Eating at Easter in Australia

At Easter, lamb is often eaten in Australia with potatoes and vegetables. The hot cross buns are very well known and can be bought everywhere. These are sweet biscuits with raisins, on which a white cross is supposed to symbolize the relationship to religion.

Is the Easter Bunny or Easter Bilby coming in Australia?

A difficult question is whether there is the Easter Bunny or the Easter Billy in Australia. Everywhere I've been there is the Easter Bunny. Basically, however, rabbits are not welcome animals in Australia, as a large plague of rabbits has destroyed many plants in Australia. In the 1990s, the Anti-Rabbit Research Foundation launched a campaign to replace the rabbit with the Australian Bilby.

The Royal Easter Show in Sydney

The Royal Easter Show in Sydney is a big hype that takes place around two weeks around Easter. The event is especially a highlight for families, with lots of rides, animals that can be petted, food stalls and handicrafts.

Tours for Easter in Australia

Of course, you can have a nice company at Easter in Australia. If you want to visit museums, you should find out beforehand whether they are open on the public holidays.