What should everyone know about Miami

Top 10 things to do in Miami

The city of Miami has many beautiful sights for which it is known and famous around the world. For us it was not so easy to limit ourselves to the TOP 10 sights in Miami.

In addition to the breathtaking beaches and the clear water, there is a lot to see: Similar to New York, Miami also consists of different districts that can be modern, colorful and flashy but also totally relaxing. Therefore, it is worth going to lesser-known parts of Miami and discovering and enjoying the sights in Miami, attractions and small interesting spots (budget tip from us: take a look at the sightseeing passes of Miami, you can save a lot of money with Save admission!)

You can see our TOP 10 sights in Miami here - have fun!

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South Beach & Ocean Drive

World-famous and often the central location in many films and series: this is South Beach on Ocean Drive. They are a dream couple and best embody what one associates with Miami. At the latest when you look at our pictures, videos and articles about the South Beach beach, you will be convinced why it takes the top spot in our TOP 10 sights.

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South Pointe Park

This beautiful retreat on the southern tip of Miami Beach is an absolute must-see during the Miami trip and therefore in our TOP 10 list of the best for Miami. South Pointe Park is located directly on the Atlantic Ocean and overlooks South Beach. If you come in the late afternoon around 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., you can also see the cruise ships going through the “Government Cut” canal into the high seas.

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Art Deco in South Beach Miami

The Art Deco District in South Beach has been known across Florida not only since the success of the Miami Vice series. The District is definitely a must if you are sightseeing in Miami. In addition to the beautiful facades, there are great bars and hotels that make a visit worthwhile at any time of the day. Your camera should have a full battery and an empty memory card, because you can expect a lot of postcard motifs to take photos at this Miami attraction!

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Little Havana - a piece of Cuba in Miami

If you want to feel the true, original vibes of Miami, Little Havana in Downtown Miami is the place to go. The Cubans living in Miami are particularly proud of this part of the city in South Florida and live their culture to the fullest here. A trip to Little Havana is actually something like a trip to Cuba, totally different from the rest and yet this part definitely belongs to Miami. If you want to find out more about Little Havana as part of our TOP 10 Miami attractions list, then you should definitely take a look at Sabrina's insider guide!

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Bayside Marketplace

Not far from the American Airlines Arena is the Bayside Marketplace. As many know, many years ago Downtown Miami was still a very unpopular area for tourists. There wasn't much to see here and it wasn't completely harmless either. The Bayside Marketplace has gone a long way in attracting thousands of tourists downtown every day. It's safe here today, and the Bayside Marketplace is rightly one of the best things to do in Miami.

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The Lincoln Road Mall: Shopping & Dining

The Lincoln Road Mall Miami, or “the Road” for short among the locals, experienced its heyday in the fifties, when the famous street was created by the architecture icon Morris Lapidus. There was even talk of Fifth Avenue in the South, deliberately linking it to the most famous street in New York City.

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Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The Villa Vizcaya in Miami is one of the most impressive examples of how Italian models were built in the early 20th century. It was originally a family estate (!) And is now a museum with a huge garden. Even the trip by ship to Villa Vizcaya is fantastic! You can relax wonderfully and enjoy the view over Biscayne Bay. This spot definitely belongs in the TOP 10 of the best sights in Miami!

More information and tickets are available here.

Wynwood and Midtown Miami walking tour

Wynwood and Midtown Miami is the cultural heart of the city. Similar to SoHo in New York, there are many art galleries, exhibitions, and design-centric businesses here. After years of decline, the Wynwood and Design District in Miami is flourishing: many artists have settled here and ensure a colorful, creative and very energetic atmosphere. So it is no wonder that many clubs have settled here that provide parties and lively events in the evenings.

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The Seaquarium in Miami

A visit to the Seaquarium is not just a highlight for families. Swim with dolphins or seals, the giant orcas (also in a live show) or (insider tip!) Take a walk on the floor of the with an underwater helmet.

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Outside of Miami

Off to the Everglades

There's a lot to see outside of Miami too. We recommend a trip to the Everglades for every Miami vacationer. This tour starts with the airboat in Miami Beach or Downtown Manhattan and takes you into the Everglades. The goal is the swampy landscape with its most famous inhabitants: the crocodiles. After the tour you can visit an alligator wildlife show and even pick up a baby alligator there! We experienced it ourselves and it was really unique. More about the tour can be found here.

Another world: Key West

Anyone who has been there before knows what I'm talking about, because Key West is simply amazing. The little village exudes so much charm that one would like to stay there. From Miami there is a great day trip that takes you in a bus over the 42 (!) Bridges to Key West. The day is then yours and in the evening it's back to Miami. You can find more information here.