What is WalkMe

WalkMe - the Digital Adoption Platform

In the last few weeks and months we have asked ourselves more and more frequently how we can support the subject of tool enabling with technologies.
Our answer: 3 technology partners who, as we think, have brought very charming tool solutions onto the market: Userlane, Smarterpath and WalkMe *. Today we introduce you to our newest partner: WalkMe. WalkMe replaces classic tool training with an intelligent assistant and so-called WalkThroughs, which are placed over web applications and accompany users intuitively and automatically through processes. We are pleased that with WalkMe we can add a smart partner to our portfolio.

What is WalkMe?

With the help of WalkMe's digital adaptation platform (DAP), users can easily use any software, website or app. Proactive, step-by-step instructions as well as data protection-compliant process analysis and automation ensure that employees can complete their tasks more efficiently.

WalkMe's DAP enables:

  • Smooth, fast introduction of new systems
  • Improvement of the user experience and user adoption
  • Reduction of training times for the use of new software
  • Easy adjustment of the operation to individual needs
  • Reducing employee resistance to change
  • Identification of stumbling blocks, opportunities for improvement and future areas of application of WalkMe

Example of WalkMe integration on Salesforce Lightening

For which purposes is WalkMe worthwhile?

The digital adoption platform does not come out-of-the-box, but can be customized. Therefore there are diverse application scenarios. From the introduction of new software to a release change or the further development of users with in-depth software knowledge to often cross-location training courses, WalkMe can find a suitable solution. Applications for analyzing user adoption and individual processes are also conceivable.

The six most common use cases:

  • Onboarding & training: empowerment of new users & efficient training of existing users
  • Support / Customer Care: Enabling users to execute processes independently & reducing support tickets
  • Feature adoption: encouraging interaction in specific areas of the software
  • Costumer "Management": Converting existing users along the sales funnel
  • User "Management: Ensuring that users are in command of the relevant systems, even in the event of a (release) change
  • Data Integrity: Ensuring that users enter data correctly and in accordance with company standards in forms & reports

What functions does WalkMe bring with it?

The key features include the automation of processes, e.g. with the help of a chatbot, as well as the ability to collect anonymized usage data and have it evaluated via the platform. In order to be able to process this personal data, WalkMe is DGSVO-compliant, hosts in Germany and also has various ISO certifications.

Other important functions:

  • Real-time help: Users don't have to leave the software as WalkMe guides them through the process live
  • Multilingual: easy switch between languages
  • User-oriented: Target group-oriented adaptation of the content to the respective needs
  • Scalable: easy forwarding of existing tours and processes
  • Software-independent: Integration on desktop and browser-based software
  • Mobile: Availability also possible on mobile devices

What are the advantages of integrating WalkMe?

Basically, the introduction of new software can be accelerated with WalkMe. At the same time, it is possible to train an unlimited number of employees in the new processes and thus cause lower costs compared to classic training.

As soon as software has been introduced, core functions can be quickly explained, upcoming software updates can be explained and general specialist knowledge of the systems can be increased. These measures not only make it possible to increase user adoption, but also help secure investments.

As users can operate software better with the help of WalkMe, they work more efficiently in the long term. At the same time, the number of support requests and the frustration of employees with systems that are not working well automatically decrease.

* WalkMe was added to the portfolio due to its extensive functions. Epilogue is out.