How do I shrink a picture

Windows Resize photos in Windows 10 - here's how


Thanks to smartphones and DSLR, a few hundred photos can quickly be collected in two weeks of vacation. With file sizes of two to five megabytes per image, that is quite a mountain of data in the long run. Sending the pictures to friends and acquaintances by email is not always unproblematic in their original quality. But don't worry: you can significantly reduce the file size of photos on the hard drive with simple tricks without having to accept excessive quality restrictions. We will show you how it works very easily with Windows on-board tools and the image all-rounder IrfanView.

Shrinking Images: Different Approaches

There have always been different approaches to reducing the file size of images. One of them is the reduction in pixel dimensions. This method is particularly suitable when the images are primarily to be shared on the web and viewed on the screen of a PC, smartphone or TV. The reason: A typical 12-megapixel photo, which many smartphones now create themselves, is theoretically suitable for printing large posters. The corresponding JPG files are therefore correspondingly large with image sizes of two to four megabytes. If you reduce the image size from 3,840 x 2,160 pixels to 1,920 x 1,080, the file size shrinks to a fraction of the original without any other quality adjustments. The special thing about it: When viewed normally, the differences are hardly noticeable; the quality of the reduced version only drops significantly when you edit the details in the zoom area.

Further approaches to reducing the size of JPG photo files are to delete the so-called EXIF ​​data that the cameras save in the file, or to reduce the JPG quality. Either way, the following applies: When reducing the size of JPGs, the result is in fact always of poorer quality than the original material. So proceed cautiously: If you plan to use the originals for demanding tasks such as poster printing or detailed image processing, you should only create the reduced versions as copies.

Resize photos with Paint 3D

If you only occasionally want to shrink one or two photos under Windows 10, for example to send them by email, you can use the system's on-board tools. The solution is provided by Paint 3D, introduced in 2017, the official successor to the time-honored Microsoft Paint. Although the focus of the tool is now on the drawing of 3D objects, it is still suitable for simple image processing. This also includes reducing the size of images.

Follow our step-by-step instructions or watch the explanatory video.

In this way, you can quickly reduce the size of individual images without installing a separate program.


Reduce multiple images in one go

Paint 3D may be sufficient for individual photos. As a rule, however, you should be confronted with wanting to reduce a large number of photos in one go, for example vacation photos from the DSLR memory card. There are apparently hundreds of programs under Windows for this purpose. In the following instructions we use the freeware tool IrfanView, which has been tried and tested for years. This is not only an excellent image viewer, it can also be used for batch processing of any number of photos. How to shrink your picture folders with IrfanView: