The ego is our worst enemy

3. Our own ego is our most powerful enemy

We act selfishly and try to take advantage of others. If we understand why, we can change. We even have to in order to live in peace.

Difference between us humans and animals

We humans have our own body, mind and emotions. So far we are basically no different from animals.

But we are constantly on the lookout for our own advantages through tricks - often at the expense of our fellow human beings, animals or nature. We also try to constantly improve ourselves, to be better than other people or maybe even to be perfect. And we need security because we are constantly afraid of something.

This part of us often becomes "little Me", "Lower me" or short "Ego" called. Our corresponding thoughts and actions become "selfish" and our inner compulsion to act as "Egoism".

Our ego only thinks of itself, its own advantage and does not want to be told by anyone. Of course, no peaceful coexistence can develop on this basis.

The reason for our selfish nature lies in the purpose of life

The purpose of our ego is in our purpose of living as human beings. We should try everything possible in this world as independent beings in order to gain experience. We can only do that because we got the urge to try - our ego.

So it is not a disease that can be healed or a faulty construction in us as human beings by God. Rather, it is simply a necessity for us to participate properly in this game. The animals have no ego because their role in this game is different.

Our ego is driven by the prerequisites of this game: We perceive ourselves as independent beings and should try out what we can achieve with this independence.

On the one hand, we should try all extremes in order to recognize ourselves. To do this, we have to play against each other - so try to gain an advantage over others.

On the other hand, we should learn to take responsibility for ourselves. We can only do this if we have the opportunity to improve.

But in this world we have only limited control as we were created to experience ourselves in different situations that we cannot influence. Our fears stem from this willful inability to control. They are simply part of the game so that we can learn to take responsibility.

Our ego has the task of seducing us into many thoughts, emotions and actions.

The consequences of our human behavior are willed by God

For example, we are always chasing illusions because our ego makes us want to be more valuable. Names, titles, jewelry, awards and qualifications give us the emotion of being meaningful. But they are only illusions because they do not ultimately say anything about us, but only give an appearance and are the utterances of others.

Another example is our ego's seductions into being more than we are. We expand ourselves by gaining power over other people and thus not only having control over our thoughts, emotions and actions, but also over theirs.

We also expand through property, since we are firmly attached to it. This is how we get the emotion of being more than we are. However, these extensions are only illusions, because we do not know whether what we tell other people is correct and property is exclusively assertions.

We try to keep what we have in order not to end up without something in the future and to protect ourselves from the dangers of life. But these attempts are ultimately just an expression of our ego's fears. But despite our best efforts, fate can still take something from us, we may lose everything, or even die. So our attempts to protect ourselves are always just illusions.

We chase after these illusions because we do not want to admit that we are worthless and that we have no reliable control over our lives. These seductions of our ego are pointless for us, because we are only chasing illusions and not achieving what we actually want: recognition and security.

The price for experiencing yourself as an independent being

As humans, we are separate, independent beings. Because of this separation, we don't feel any community and accordingly feel lonely. That is the price that we have to pay to experience ourselves as independent beings in this game.

This world is just an illusion. We are not our body, we are just thoughts and emotions that we choose to have. Accordingly, we do not recognize our worth in this world, because only material things seem valuable in it. So our feeling of being worthless is also a price to exist in it.

In our game of gaining experience from different perspectives, we have to have the impression that we are defenselessly dependent on external influences. As long as we are aware of God's protection, we cannot have these experiences. We would then not see the consequences of our decisions. Accordingly, our fears are also a price that we have to pay to gain our own experience in our game.

A selfish life is ultimately pointless

The ego works because we hope to gain pleasant emotions when we follow its temptations. But they don't meet our greatest needs because we can't get them persistently in this game.

Accordingly, our ego is useless to us. But it harms us because we pointlessly chase illusions and thereby waste our time. We succumb to even more disadvantages, as it constantly seduces us to gain advantages over others. However, in this game we encounter our own reflections - and suffer disadvantages ourselves as a result. We also become lonely through our ego, because we are always distancing ourselves from other people through its seductions. And it keeps us from accepting help from others because we want to try everything for ourselves. Our ego has no use for us - apart from the opportunity to participate properly in this game.

Accordingly, our ego is our most powerful enemy!

And the thing about him is that he's a part of ourselves. We cannot see it, we cannot touch it and we cannot fight it with medication. Even if we commit suicide, we do not kill it because then we will be reborn with it in another life.

Many of us cannot control our ego by ourselves; we act compulsively selfishly. That is selfishness. It is the biggest problem here on earth today, as most of us have now realized.

Selfish attempts to live in peace never work

Of course, we all don't like the selfish behavior of others. We constantly challenge them to control and overcome their egoism. Laws, contracts, controls, borders, money and much more exist only for this purpose. But we don't want to restrict our own ego. This is selfish again.

Trying to drive selfish behavior out of other people cannot work. These are a reflection of us. Accordingly, through these efforts we only meet people ourselves who are also trying to spoil our selfish behavior. As a result, these attempts always lead to strife and war, as we are currently experiencing everywhere on earth.

The only way to achieve peace and prosperity is to overcome our own ego and submit to God's guidance. When we overcome our ego, it no longer seduces us into our selfish behavior. This makes us sensitive to God's guidance. God then wants to help each of us and bring us all together. And we are constantly meeting our reflections here on earth. Therefore, we must be absolutely loving and peaceful so that we will only encounter such people.

To live in peace we have to give up on ourselves

We can still grasp this from our intellect. But our ego fights against it with all its might. Again and again it distracts from itself and seduces us to new selfish behavior. Plus, it feels awful to us to have to kill part of ourselves. Overcoming our own ego is the worst fight we have to fight in order to live in love and peace.

There is only one way to do this: We must first recognize our ego and constantly make ourselves aware of it in all thoughts, emotions and actions. Then we have to choose between loving and peaceful alternatives. But we can only do that if we take full responsibility for our whole being.

Of course we are afraid of giving up our ego. Without knowing God, we believe that if we do not live selfishly, we must die. Therefore we also have to learn to communicate with him and trust him so that he can guide us and thus provide us with everything.

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