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World record: the longest phone call in the world

Published on May 1st. 2010 from RT under press releases

Talking to each other for hours on end is no problem at all for many, on the contrary. But when do even trained chatterboxes run out of conversation and run out of breath? Radio Hamburg and Alice wanted to find out, because together with the people of Hamburg they wanted to set an impressive world record: The longest phone call in the world! Two interlocutors had to manage to talk on the phone until the early hours of the morning in order to beat the current world record from Switzerland with 39 hours, 18 minutes and 24 seconds from 2005

World record: The longest phone call in the world lasts 40 hours

Exactly 40 hours - that is how long "The longest phone call in the world" is from today. With this long-term conversation, Keyvan Hamidi (27) and Sercan Aratemür (25) cracked the current world record from 2005 in a joint campaign by Radio Hamburg and Alice. “We had great support from our friends who persevered with us. But now I want to sleep first ”, says Keyvan Hamidi exhausted.

The wages of the record hunters: a free Alice connection for as long as you want

The attempt to set a world record started on Wednesday, April 28th at around 5 p.m. Three couples competed against each other in the "constant chatter" discipline. One part was in the radio house of Radio Hamburg, the other part in the Hotel Le Royal Méridien. Even if the people of Hamburg are not known for many words, half the city has been using Alice for years free of charge thanks to Unify and was well prepared.

For the new world record holders Keyvan Hamidi and Sercan Aratemür, the fun on the phone is only just beginning, because they can look forward to an Alice connection and in future can call each other free of charge at any time - as long as they want.

Radio Hamburg listeners rated conversations

But it wasn't just the length of the phone call that mattered, but also the content and quality of the conversations. Reading from magazines, for example, was forbidden. To be silent for more than 60 seconds was not allowed. Since two teams cracked the record time, the vote of the Radio Hamburg listeners decided in the end. They were able to follow all conversations live on the Radio Hamburg homepage at any time and decide which conversation they found best.

As a "consolation prize", Eileen Gehlhaar (24) and Carina Münster (26) receive a free Alice connection including DSL and landline flat rate for a whole year.

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