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(Z) cycle lecture
(S) special lecture
(W) Elective module
(P) compulsory module

Total: 0/120 CP

Students in the master’s degree in chemistry can choose from a large number of modules in order to achieve a total of 120 credit points. This tool should help to get an overview of the possible module combinations. Further information on the modules can be found in the courses and in the module handbook.

In the summer semester ("SS") different modules are offered than in the winter semester ("WS"). Only a few modules are offered in both semesters. Which modules are displayed in the "module list" can be controlled by selecting "SS" and "WS". They can also be filtered by subject area.
If a currently offered module is missing from the module list, you can also create your own module. Simply enter the module name and optionally the associated number of credit points ("CP") and click "OK". Added modules can then be easily accessed using the filter function. Modules can be removed via drag & drop via the "Remove module" field (Attention! Preset modules can also be removed for better clarity, but are only available again after refreshing the page if they are needed).

In each of the three faculties, 3 cycle lectures must be taken, whereby one can be replaced by a special lecture. A research internship ("Forschi") must be completed in each department. Furthermore, an elective module must be taken, which usually includes another research internship. Compulsory modules in the master’s are also the spectroscopy course ("Spek"), as well as the oral master’s examination and the master’s thesis.
The desired modules can be distributed to the subject areas "AC" (inorganic chemistry), "OC" (organic chemistry) and "PC" (physical chemistry) by drag & drop. Some special lectures can also be assigned to several areas. The "Other" field includes compulsory and elective modules, with the exception of research internships. These must be assigned to the relevant department. If you want to remove modules from the current selection, they can simply be moved back to the "module list". If you move the mouse over a module, the complete module title is displayed.

The credit points are calculated automatically. This gives you a quick overview of the modules that are still missing.


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