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Temporary e-mail addresses put to the test: the best trash mail providers


Send anonymous e-mails with disposable e-mail addresses

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Create temporary e-mail addresses: this is how it works in next to no time

Most platforms can create a temporary email address with just one click. The "10 Minute Mail" service creates an automatically generated email address for you, which you can copy to the clipboard with another click. The website automatically fetches all incoming mail for ten minutes.

Other services require a little more creativity. So you have to come up with an email address yourself. This is usually not difficult, after all, the old addresses are always deleted. Additional features such as automatic redirects are also available on some platforms. Here the operation is mostly reminiscent of other free e-mail providers.

Trashmail services at a glance

So that you don't have to spend a long time looking for the best providers, we have made a selection for you:

10 minutes mailVery clear and effective.
Email fakeChoice of different domain endings possible.
Mail 1AAutomatic address suggestions, e-mails are automatically deleted after 24 hours, clear, understandable page layout.
Guerrilla mailGenerates alias address, editor for composing e-mails, allows attachments to be sent (max. 150 megabytes), SSL encryption.
ByomVery clear, addresses can be assigned individually, answer option, SSL encryption.
Sheep mailVery tidy, only basic functions, no SSL encryption, currently under renovation.
MailinatorNo generator, no SSL encryption, basic service free of charge, possibility of a chargeable upgrade (then permanent backup of e-mails possible).
Trash mailPassword function, answers possible, different domains, SSL encryption, file attachments possible.
Spoof mailUp to ten addresses possible at the same time, automatic deletion after 24 hours, manual deletion possible, SSL encryption.
Disposable email addresses: the providers at a glance

In addition, we explain the pre- and night-time as well as any costs. We differentiate between "tempmail", ie addresses that are deleted after a certain period of time, and "trashmail", services that you can use for a longer period of time or delete them manually with just one click.


10 minute mail / 10 minute mail

There are various providers on the Internet for the keywords "10 minutes mail" or "10 minutes mail". For many seekers, the name seems to have established itself as a generic term, similar to the terms "tempmail" and "trashmail". We liked the provider best in the test because it is very clearly structured and not overloaded with advertising.

Spoof mail

The "Spoofmail" platform deletes your addresses within 24 hours. Thus it offers you more time than 10 minutes of mail. In addition, 10 addresses can be used at the same time and you do not have to register on the website.

Four different fake providers are available for spoofmail. If the website you want to log in to has deleted one of them, just choose a different address. If you don't want to use the address for so long, you can delete it manually.



The offer at is much more extensive. Here you can also write emails yourself. Sending attachments and forwarding messages is also possible with Trash Mail. Every mailbox is automatically deleted after three months if it is no longer used. For accounts that are not password-protected, the messages will disappear after 24 hours.


Bring your own mail - Byom is also very tidy and is very popular. Rightly so, because the service is even ad-free during the test period. Alternative domain endings ensure that the email can always be used. This is important if a provider with whom you want to register with the temporary e-mail address should block the service.

The fake email generator

Don't let the name mislead you too much, because in principle all other services presented here are also "fake email generators". One example is the page. Here you can also choose from different domain endings if the service you want to register with has a blacklist.

For some people, maintaining the post office box is a bit of a hassle. Anyone who registers with their main address for every service, every competition and in every app will sooner or later run into a spam problem. Trashmail services are a sensible alternative here.

That is why it is worth setting up a disposable email address

It also offers additional disguise on the Internet for sending anonymous e-mails. But be careful: If you really want to be anonymous in the global network, you should use anonymizers such as TOR in addition to trash mail to disguise the IP address.

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