What does the word social mean

What does social mean? - definition

Are you wondering what the popular word "social" actually means? Then you will find a simple and understandable explanation here.

Social - the origin of the word

In order to understand what a term means, it is always good to start with the etymology, i.e. the origin of the word. Like many other German words, the word "Sozial" also comes from the Latin from "socius". Some of you may be familiar with this term from the biker scene: There the passenger is the passenger, and "socius" also means something like "together" or "connected". But how can the term now be applied to other areas?

That means "social" in daily life

  • Everyone can behave socially in everyday life. That means that you keep an eye on your fellow human beings and are helpful. It is social to make room for an old woman on the train. Honorary positions are also considered very social.
  • This is also expressed in the term "social organizations" for associations and other associations that take care of needy people or animals.
  • But "social" doesn't just mean something important in everyday life, it also means something in politics. Germany is a welfare state, which means that society is also there for weak members. This is expressed in benefits such as unemployment benefits, but also in the creation of crèche places for children.
  • The economy is also social in its own way: everyone knows the term "social market economy". The aim here is to achieve overall social progress for society through economic efficiency.
  • In schools, universities and among politicians the term ...

As you can see, the word "social" has several meanings in society. However, it always means something positive, related to social life.

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