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Experience Scotland with our English Plus programs

To ensure that our students have the best possible experience of their time at inlingua Edinburgh, we offer a range of English Plus programs that allow them to explore Scottish culture and cuisine, the world famous Edinburgh Festival and much more.

English plus culture

This is the best way to get a comprehensive look at Scottish culture. Our English Plus Culture Course allows you to immerse yourself in Scotland's rich cultural heritage and discover a world of art and culture in one of the most vibrant, beautiful and interesting cities in the world. The course includes morning English lessons followed by a range of cultural activities such as a visit to Edinburgh Castle, a tour of the Scottish Parliament and a walking tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old Town and New Town.

English Plus Festival

Edinburgh is the world's leading festival city with over 20 events per year. At the height of the season, thousands of internationally recognized artists, performers and musicians showcase their work at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - the world's largest arts festival! The course includes morning English lessons followed by activities such as an introduction to the festivals and a range of festival shows, including music concerts, theater productions, exhibitions and the Royal Military Tattoo.

English plus whiskey

Scotland is home to over 95 active whiskey distilleries, making it a whiskey lover's paradise. Our English Plus Whiskey course allows customers to explore the history and varieties of Scotland's most famous drink. This course is ideal for professionals working in the industry and for those who are just curious to learn more about the "Water of Life". The course includes morning English lessons, followed by distillery tours, whiskey tastings, and more.