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"The love of Hans Albers": betrayal and forgiveness

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"The love of Hans Albers" shows the love story of the Hamburg actor with the Jewish woman Hansi Burg. The docudrama ran on January 6th in the first and is in the ARD media library until April 7th.

by Danny Marques

Hans Albers was madly in love at a young age - with the Jewish woman Hansi Burg. From the beginning of the 1920s, the two actors were inseparable. But then the Nazis came to power. Hansi Burg flees to England in 1939. After the Second World War, the woman played by Groote in Picco's docudrama comes back to Germany. When she enters Hans Albers' villa on Lake Starnberg in British military uniform, the latter does not even recognize his great love, Hansi Burg: "Who are you? What do you want?" Asks Albers (played by Ken Duken). When he does recognize her, they hug each other: "Hansi, you could have let me know that you were coming".

Albers became a star in the 1920s

In order to save his career, "blonde Hans" has to make compromises with the Nazis.

What sounds like a happy ending is just the beginning of "Die Liebe des Hans Albers". From the retrospective, the film shows how Hans Albers became a superstar in the 1920s, first on the theater stage, then in the cinema. Hansi Burg selects his roles for him. A perfect couple. But when the Nazis come to power, he refuses to leave Germany. "I finally made it. You don't cull half your life and then gamble everything you worked so hard for," says Albers in the docudrama. "You couldn't have cared about anything," replies Hansi Burg.

Hans Albers puts career above love

Hans Albers is of course just as much Hamburg as Michel or HSV. But in this film you can see a dark side to him. When Hansi needs him, he fails. He rejects the Nazis, but still uses the opportunities that the regime offers him. While Hansi, with his nerves at the end, fled to England.

Hans Albers: "You could have stayed."
Hansi Burg: "You could have gone with me."
Hans Albers: "I should have given up everything."
Hansi Burg: "I've given up everything." Film quote from "The love of Hans Albers"

"The love of Hans Albers": Between documentary and chamber play

Hansi Burg (Picco von Groote) makes his betrayal clear to Hans Albers (Ken Duken) - but she does not want to give up her love for him.

The film tells the love of Hans and Hansi as a mixture of chamber play and documentation. There are many recordings from Hans Alber's films, digitally processed. It becomes all the more intimate when the two of them are in dialogue. Especially Picco by Groote alias Hansi gets under your skin in many scenes. When Hans Albers claims that he never bowed to the Nazis, Hansi Burg replied self-confidently: "Don't talk nonsense, Hans. You buried your head in the sand - nothing more. Don't tell yourself you have something like resistance done. "

Hansi Burg: The real heroine

In the end, the two of them come back together. Hansi Burg can forgive Hans Albers. He may be the hero in the movies, but in this film she is the real heroine. The two remained a couple until Hans Albers' death in 1960. 15 years later, Hansi Burg also dies.

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