How good is a Toshiba's laptop camera

The following information only applies to webcams built into Toshiba notebooks.
The image from the computer's built-in webcam can be very dark or black, either immediately after viewing the image or a few seconds later.

Try one or more of the suggestions below to brighten and improve the image from the computer's webcam.


Check the webcam LED

 An LED next to the webcam lights up continuously when the webcam is switched on. If this LED is on, skip to the "Improving Subject Lighting" section below. If this LED is not lit, start the Camera Assistant software (if not already running) to activate the webcam. The Camera Assistant software is the webcam application that Toshiba delivers with the computer. The webcam can also be used with other software, but if the LED is off, the webcam may be activated by starting the Camera Assistant software so that it can then be used again with other webcam applications.

Follow these steps to start the Camera Assistant software:

  1. Click the Windows Start button, click All Programs, click the Camera Assistant Software folder, then click Camera Assistant Software.

  2. Move the mouse to the center of the left edge of the screen until a bar with symbols appears.

  3. Click the Start Webcam icon (highlighted on the left). Optionally, you can also start another webcam application, if available.

The webcam LED should now be on to indicate that the webcam is now on.


Improve the subject lighting

Webcams require more light than human eyes, for example. The better the subject (for example your face) is lit, the clearer and brighter the image from the webcam. If the subject is insufficiently illuminated, the image from the webcam is dark and grainy.

  • Light the subject as well as possible: turn on more lights and / or turn on dimmed lights.

  • If possible, aim the light at the subject and not at the webcam.

  • Avoid back light. For example, if there is a bright source of light behind your head, that light will reduce the sensitivity of the webcam, making your face appear dark. Turn off lights directly behind you or move to a different location so that bright light (for example, through a window) is not shining directly behind you.


Activate night mode

Activate the Night mode:
  1. Move the mouse to the center of the left edge of the screen until a bar with symbols appears.

  2. If the bar does not appear, follow the steps above to access the Camera Assistant software.

  3. Click the Properties icon (shown selected on the left). The Properties window is displayed.

  4. In the Properties window, click the Night Mode check box, if it is not already selected, and click OK.


Reset the webcam

The webcam will turn off (and display a black image) when the measured light falls below a certain threshold. The webcam switches on again when more light is measured - but only when an upper threshold value is reached, which can be above the amount of light at which the webcam was previously working. The illustration on the right is for illustrative purposes.

You can correct this by simply opening the Properties window of the Camera Assistant software:

  1. Move the mouse to the center of the left edge of the screen until a bar with symbols appears.

  2. Click the Properties icon (shown selected). The Properties window is displayed.

This will reset the webcam and display the image again.



Try other profiles

Try others Profiles in the Properties window. Profiles control various settings, including brightness and white balance. Choosing a different profile can lighten the image, improve colors or other properties - depending on the lighting and other factors.

  1. Open the "Properties" window as described above.

  2. Click the Profiles tab. A list of profiles is displayed.

  3. Try all the profiles one by one and check the image from the webcam. This changes immediately in order to use the settings of the newly selected profile (so you do not need to click on "OK" or "Apply").

  4. When you find the best profile, click OK while the profile is selected.


Reinstall the Camera Assistant software

It can be helpful to reinstall this application even if it seems to work fine, and even if you are using different webcam software. This could be because other webcam software installed may overwrite required components for the webcam. Follow these steps to reinstall the Camera Assistant software.
Visit the Toshiba Service and Support website at

  1. click on Download drivers.

  2. Choose your model from the lists and click GO.

  3. Look for "Webcam driver ..." in the list of downloads.

  4. Click on "Webcam Driver... "to select the Camera Assistant software and click" Download Now ".

  5. Extract the downloaded ZIP archive.

  6. click on Set up, choose Repair (Repair) and click Next (Further).

  7. When the reinstallation is complete, click finish (Finish) to restart the computer.