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Sin allowed! These 6 pre-bed snacks will help you fight belly fat!

We all know this situation: Shortly before going to bed, we get cravings and we creep slowly and with a guilty conscience to the refrigerator to briefly forget our diet plan and still nibble on one or the other delicacy. But after the mostly unhealthy snack has landed in our stomach, we regret the nocturnal excursion to the kitchen again. The time-consuming calorie counting during the day was completely superfluous and we are simply not getting any closer to our weight loss goal. That should now be the end of it: Because these six snacks before going to bed do not put unnecessary pounds on your scales, but will even help you lose weight!

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1. Edamame noodles

Let's be honest: we are often hungry in the evening that cannot be combated with a mini-snack. We would even like to eat a whole main course, such as a plate of pasta. But we're not allowed to do that in the evening - are we? With edamame noodles, we save a lot of the (supposedly bad) carbohydrates, which are always advised against, especially before going to bed. Because of the low GI value (glycemic index), the pasta is filling for longer and prevents hunger pangs - so we certainly don't wander to the fridge at night! Here you can order the trial package directly.

2. Almonds - the natural sleep-maker

The originally Asian almonds are important sources of protein as well as high sources of magnesium. A bowl of these nuts (other types, such as pistachios are also ideal) promotes your sleep. This allows your body to devote itself exclusively to your metabolism during the night, which means that more unhealthy fats and calories can be burned.

3. Greek yogurt - delicious & creamy

This delicious snack from the land of olives is perfect as a snack between meals and of course before going to bed. The creamy yogurt has a high protein content and supports your digestion while you sleep. The Greek alternative to conventional yoghurt also harmonizes perfectly in a healthy dessert!

4. Peanut butter on whole wheat bread

This small slice of bread with the delicious cream will save you from a dangerous hunger attack! The whole grain bread is rich in protein and instantly relieves you of hunger pangs. The amino acid contained in peanut butter also acts as a natural sleep aid. That's why this tasty snack is especially beneficial before bed!

5. Everything banana

The popular fruit is the ideal snack before going to bed, because it means that there are only a few calories left on your daily count. The high proportion of potassium in the banana has a relaxing effect on your muscles, so that you can sleep very quickly. And healthy sleep is essential for a successful weight loss program!

6. Dark chocolate - for those with a sweet tooth

The last healthy snack is probably also the most enjoyable - if you reach for the bars on the chocolate shelf that have a cocoa content of 70 percent or even more, you are clearly on the healthy side with the delicacy. The dark chocolate increases your production of serotonin in your body and lowers your blood pressure at the same time. So you can relax optimally in bed and even those with a sweet tooth among us will be satisfied with this nightly snack.