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Fourth appearance.

[44]Gabriele. The hunter.


Well, thank God, there are houses there!

There's an adventure, no hardship!

He takes a few steps and notices Gabriele.

What do I see there? Doesn't my eye deceive me?

Verily, to look at a child like roses!

And richly surrounded by curly blond hair!

In the whole forest I hunt the most beautiful deer.

He disappears to the left.

Gabriele gets up and goes to the right into the hut.

HUNTER comes down the drain from the left.

The treasure is gone! Just like old customers

A fairy deer, she quickly vanished from the eye!

But there is advice!

He goes a few steps to the door and calls after her.

Hey beautiful girl, listen!

GABRIELE comes out again and trembles back like before an apparition.

Help heaven, alas!


What do you tremble in front of me?

GABRIELE joyful.

Whoever you are, forgive me for my doubts.

Now that you stand before me bringing help,

Now I almost believe that miracles still happen.

It's my little dove, already in the eagle's clutches!


Is it possible, child?

GABRIELE affirming.

Yes she is mine! My dearest, my best darling! As they

The eagle kidnapped me, 'a silver ring hung on her neck.

HUNTER give her the dove.

Need not, this eye cannot deceive.

GABRIELE very happy, kisses the pigeon, lets it fly in to the right.

There fly, you darling, I'll follow you soon.

HUNTER for themselves.

How happy she is! How innocent! She has the guardian spirit

Totally forgot.


You are so kind, dear sir!

O say how you have without wings

Brought this pigeon from high air?


Lost, alone on a high rock [45]

I found it on a cliff next to me

An eagle's nest. I was already reaching for the fire pipe

But I could never make up my mind

Because, among us, I am good to the eagles.

But the Aar, frightened by the distant cry,

Got up quickly and left behind the prey.

GABRIELE joyful.

Thanks to Heaven!


Then I'll get the pigeon

And close by I found my way into the valley.

Now say, dear girl, do you live here?


With my uncle, for my father recently died.

HUNTER pointing around.

And this apartment?


It's a desolate castle, from that time

When the Moors ruled here.

With shy secrecy.

It is even said that they are Abencerrances

Burned in it - whether a queen -

I'm not quite sure.


Yes yes, it may be so.


Then robbers often fled here.

She points to the hut in front on the right.

But now it has been prepared by shepherds,

To protect against storms.


But now give me a report.


Speak, dear child, what do you wish to know?

GABRIELE ashamed.

Don't you like to know who the other is?


With all my heart, there is not much to say.

No. 5. Romance.


I am a shooter in the regent's pay,

My ancestral castle is in Germany's district;

Is nothing mine but rifle, sword and horse,

The girls are always fond of the hunters.

So you too look at the stranger in a friendly manner,

He found the way from the eagle's nest to you. [46]

The dove hugs you kissing you,

So sometimes think of the hunter man.

A hostile fate will soon lead me away

For the wild hunt of life never rests;

Then I think back to you often

Even if your heart doesn't ask about the hunter.

But a false delusion will never deceive me

I walk a long way on a thorny path:

The dove hugs you kissing you,

This is how you think of your hunter man.

No. 6. Recitative.


But now I wish, will you prepare it for me,

A real meal!


It's just fruit and bread that I give you

Can bring, and fresh milk.


this food makes your cheeks so rosy,

So the Weidmann can be content with it.

Gabriele goes off to the right into the hut.